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May 5, 2008 06:03 PM

Moving from LA - Looking for healthy options

Moving from Los Angeles this week to the west area (cuernavaca), and hoping to find some recommendations for organic markets, other than Whole Foods.

Are there any in town? What about farmer's markets?

So hope that we can find the same market and healthy res't options that we have grown quite used to in LA.

Much obliged for your comments!

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    1. Since Whole Foods is headquartered in Austin, it has the market fairly pinned in terms of the giant organic supermarket. It's where I typically go every weekend. Central Market tends to have wider selection, but I find the service and overall quality of central market to be generally poor in comparison. Thus why I don't do my weekly shopping at central market even though it's five minutes away from my apartment.

      If you want really local fare, the farmer's markets are quite prevalent and well stocked with seasonal vegetation from nearby farms. The two ones that I know of are:

      The other organic grocery stores in town tend to be on the smaller side. The ones I know of are:

      Wheatsville Co-Op
      Oakerville Grocer
      Sun Harvest
      Farm to Market Grocer (supplied by local farms)

      1. Don't discount Whole Foods before you even get here! The headquarters are pretty amazing.
        Lots of local restaurants work hard to provide local and organic foods.
        If you want to shop organic from home, I use Greenling Organic Delivery.