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May 5, 2008 05:59 PM

Most Unusual Chow Upper Valley Hanover/Lebanon

Hi All - Any ideas about unusual chow spots in the Upper Valley?
Especially looking for awesome food that one woudn't expect to find here.
Easy access to 91 and 89 would be great!



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  1. There used to be a great Korean place in a shopping center in West Lebanon, right off the interstate. Tiny and no-frills, but the food was amazing and I always wondered what it was doing there. It was just past the powerhouse mall on the same side of the road as you're heading to Hanover, but the name escapes me, if it is even still there (I don't live in the Upper Valley anymore). I bet a local will know...

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      Found it. The place is called Yama - hope its still there. As I remember it the bibimbop and chap'che were very good, and they had excellent kimchee that you could buy tubs of to take home.

      1. re: Yankunian

        It certainly is still there and very good!