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Portland One Night

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Will be in Portland for one night on SUNDAY of Memorial Day weekend with my brother who is from NYC and a foodie (Per Se, Babbo, etc). I'm from Seattle and also a foodie. We're looking for a special place...hip, not old & traditional, maybe with a bar scene, exceptional food and service, good wine...lively...you get the picture...yea we want it all the snobs that we are! Not interested in Ethnic unles French or Italian is considered ethnic. Any help is welcome.

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  1. A couple of good places to eat along with seeing and being seen are Bluehour or Dougfir.



    If you feel the same way about your coffee as you do food, be sure to stop by a Stumptown.

    1. Sounds like you need to go to Clyde Common. Their menu changes on a weekly basis, but their website shows what a typical menu looks like. At the moment, I'm a big fan of their salt cod preparations as well as their whole fish.


      1. 2 more to consider...

        23 Hoyt and Fenouil. Both have amazing menus, food and service. I would also recommend Le Pigeon (amazing French food) but a lengthy wait without the bar scene. However Le Pigeon is down the street from Dougfir so you could eat and then hit the bar a block away.

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          Le Pigeon takes reservations. They would be top on my list...

          Also might be a good idea to check on who is open that Sunday. Portland can be a sleepy town on Sundays muchless holiday weekends.

        2. I would recommnd Ten-01 - it's in the Pearl, has a nice bar, great Northwest type cuisine...

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            Ten-01 is a great suggestion especially if you're requesting hip with a bar scene. I'd also recommend Carlyle and Sel Gris. They are my top three fine dining/great service choices right now.

            IMO: Ten-01 has the deepest/biggest wine list, Sel Gris the best desserts, Carlyle the best atmosphere (and easiest free parking).

          2. I would second Pigeon, as good an example of hip, well-executed Portland food as you'll find. No "bar" scene, but sitting at the few bar seats which face the open kitchen is a great treat for any real foodie. This is no Per Se, no table cloths, no sommelier, but really great food and definitely lively . Lots of posts about it if you do a search.

            1. i completely DISAGREE re: Le Pigeon, one of the most over-hyped, over priced and smugly self conscious and self congratulatory places i have ever been. i will never go back - i HIGHLY recommend Sel Gris however which was SUBLIME! AHHHHH deep fried sweetbreads topped with an abelskivver with an (unbroken mind you) egg yolk inside - BEYOND YUM! Or go to Authentica for a kick-ass pumpkin seed mole to die for! Also if you sit at the chef's table at Sel Gris you can watch the owner/Chef Daniel Mondok at work - he is an artist and (also a very BEAUTIFUL man). The bar IS lively the staff amazingly helpful with an excellent selection of wine and suggestions - all in all one of the better experiences of many good ones in Portland - go to Willamette Week online and read the review 'Worth Its Salt' : http://wweek.com/editorial/34.12/10315/ for an excellent review - i went there the next night after reading it and was astounded. Again SUPERB!

              1. The original reply got deleted, but someone also mentioned Pok Pok, which I think is a stellar idea, especially so that they can compare it to NYC's Sripraphai. Pok Pok also features quite a list of brown liquor, and they always seem to have a bourbon or whiskey flight available.


                1. In spite of the one negative rant so far I would third Le Pigeon __it is a great experience with its own twist on things. The wine list is small but well chosen and suited to the food, My d-i-l called eating there a religious experience. It is informal but efficient. Go to Doug Fir [almost next door] for a drink before or after.

                  1. Thanks for all the help. I've made reservations at Le Pigeon...sounded good and interesting, and near Doug Fir. Sel Gris is closed on Sundays.

                    But realized that I would be dining alone on Saturday night. Do you have any recommendations for dining alone at the bar...good food, nice drink, friendly and welcoming of singles? Thanks.

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                      All of the above suggestions still work for singles. I always eat alone and haven't had a problem dining anywhere, even Sel Gris.

                      Would you prefer to stay in a certain neighborhood, ie close to your hotel? Do you want to replicate the same vibe you're getting from Le Pigeon (higher-end/refined with a wine list like Ten-01 or Bluehour) or would you want to go more casual (a deli like Kenny & Zukes or a pizza place like Apizza Scholls)?

                      Other places that you might like that haven't been mentioned: you could do Peruvian tapas at Andina, bbq at Podnah's, or a more standard Thai menu at Siam Society...

                      I still stand by my original Clyde Common suggestion.

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                        I'll be staying downtown...maybe Hotel deLuxe maybe elsewhere, but I'll be picking up my brother at the airport, so any place in between or downtown. I would like a place with a nice bar to eat at, refined, and friendly like a nice warm blanket, but not too casual. Have eaten at the bar at Bluehour, so I would like to try something else. Substance is better than splash. I heard Lauro might be worth it, and I will look into Clyde Common. Anything else come to mind?

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                          Carlyle has a lovely and intimate bar that I have dined solo at on many occasions. Food is sublime, and the bartender, Neil, will pamper you.

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                            I just had an *awesome* dinner at Alberta St Oyster Bar and Grill, and it might fit what you're looking for also.


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                              "...I'll be picking up my brother at the airport, so any place in between or downtown. I would like a place with a nice bar to eat at, refined, and friendly like a nice warm blanket, but not too casual."

                              Makes me think of Country Cat.