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Best-O-Burger Open

For those not aware, this is the new slider burger concept open on Pine just down the street from Kearney. Today was opening day and I went. Yummy burgers - nice and juicy on the inside, but they definitely have some pink, so you may not like it if you like your meat well done. The side is a fries and thin onion rings combo, which was pretty good but not outstanding. The options I didn't try were a vegie-burger option, gelato shakes, and a salad alternative.

I'd say it's in the top 5 of burgers in the city. Definitely more tasty than other downtown options (e.g., Bistro), but I'm not sure that they be able to handle large volumes of people if it gets popular, so service could be the downfall. Wait times will likely get to be extremely long in the next few days, so go before the buzz hits.

Note: Carry out only, no sit down service.

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  1. Sounds good. I just had myself a burger yesterday at Fudruckers. I think the last burger I had in the city was when I ate at Absinthe. I saw a Bay Area TV show do a little restaurant review on it and I ended up checking it out. I'll give this spot a try though.

    - Lando

    1. I dropped by for some fries and rings after eating at Paladar today for lunch. Like you said, not bad, but not great. I'm going back for the sliders tomorrow (or later this week). Gotta try it out before it gets really busy like Muracci's Jap Curry around the corner.

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        This place had a serpentine queue today at lunchtime ....

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        1 Market Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103

        1. Wow, a whole bunch first-time posters here. What is a "slider burger concept"???

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            slider = mini burger like White Castle

            I lined up for it today. Tasty but I personally wouldn't put it anywhere in the top 5 burgers. The super-thin onion rings (more like onion slivers) are great though. Line looked a bit long (for a lunch place) but moved pretty quick. Bring a magazine or something to read to pass the time in line.

            Also tried their pomengranate-blueberry gelato in the afternoon and that was very good. I might just go back regularly for the gelato.

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              From what I've seen sliders are cooked on a grill whereas White Castles are
              boiled or steamed in rehydrating onion water. The White castle patty is less than 1 ounce. The little sliders seem to be a little healthier.

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                They're actually cooked on big cast iron skillet pans like the Lodge cookware. It puts a slight, tasty crust on the patties but I think you have to eat it on the spot to appreciate it.

                The Best-O Burger website also has a link to a secret menu which includes some burger variants and a cookie-and-gelato sandwich. Zing!

              2. re: junesix

                Thanks for the update junesix. I will try and give this place a shot a bit early on tomorrow or next week.

            2. Hope their burgers are better than their really annoying web site!

              1. Anyone know if they'll be open over the weekend? Seems like places in the financial district never are, but you never know...

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                  The place record has the phone number and link to the website which has a contact email. I'm starting to consider boycotting any restaurant that doesn't put hours on the home page of their website ... or have 'secret pages' to put hours ... or those that don't put hours ANYWHERE on their site ... I did learn as of this post 8897 burgers were sold.

                  1. re: rworange

                    And boy is that website annoying. I agree with you on places that don't make their hours readily available. Anyone else actually eat some of these? I'm normally all over any new burger place but I'm left decidedly unexcited given the nature of the "buzz" so far (that elusive thing that exists in the back of your head that says "must go eat now." or "eh.")

                    1. re: ccbweb

                      They're definitely playing the hype card. Not just here but over at
                      yelp check out all the five star reviews by first-time posters. Hrm.

                      Anyway, it has the advantage of being just a few steps up from the
                      always reliable Krivaar. So if you get there and it's a big "eh", there's
                      still a good choice for lunch right nearby.

                    2. re: rworange

                      I think that "number sold" might actually just be the # of hits on their website. I remember checking it last night at 11:00 or so, and the number went up when I reloaded. Also, 8800 seems a little high for only 5 days of business with limited hours.

                    3. re: Agent 510

                      Couldn't get through on the phone but looking at the secret menu, there's a Mozz-O Meatball item that's served "after 5:00 and all day Sat. & Sun." I assume they're open after 5 but I'm sure they're closed by 6. And it looks like they do weekends unless that secret item isn't in effect yet.

                      1. re: junesix

                        Hmmm...according to SFGate, they're open for lunch and "early dinner" Monday-Saturday. That could just be regular hours, though, which they may not be doing yet.

                        Also, it says several other Bay Area locations are planned before the end of the year. (whispers in their ear..."Berkeley!")

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                          For all you Best-o-Burger enthusiasts, there are a couple updates....the menu has a few added items (a full-size burger, a "Sloppy Bob's", and salads) as shown on the website, and a couple new locations are slated for the One Market food court and the Metreon.