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May 5, 2008 04:25 PM

What are these restaurants like? (ÁVILA, SALAMANCA, ALCALÁ DE HENARES)

I will be in Spain (from Canada) next week on a press junket and will be eating at the following restaurants. I don't know anything about them. Can anyone provide information regarding their quality? (good? bad?) Also, it would be helpful if anyone could tell me what their dress codes are like...suit? jeans? casual? formal?

Many thanks.


Restaurante Puerta del Alcázar
C/ San Segundo, 38

Restaurante Reyes Católicos.
C/ Reyes Católicos 6

Restaurante el Rastro
Plaza del Rastro, 1.


Restaurante MOMO
C/ San Pablo, 13 – 15

Restaurant Casino del Tormes
C/ La Pesca, 5.

Restaurant La Fonda del Arcediano de Medina.
C/ De la Reja, 10.

Restaurant La Hoja XXI
C/ San Pablo 21.


Hostería del Estudiante (Parador de Turismo).
C/Colegios, 3.

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