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May 5, 2008 03:57 PM

Such a thing as "good" instant coffee?

I'm going to be visiting England in Sept for 3 weeks, staying with husband's family. I learned that the family member we're staying with doesn't own a coffee maker, when he wants coffee he drinks instant. I said I'd buy him a small coffee maker when we get there. My MIL suggested I take my favorite instant with me. I haven't drank instant coffee in probably 18 years, so I certainly don't have a favorite. But it did get me wondering, is there such as thing as "good" instant coffee?

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    1. Buy a small expresso maker and treat yourself at the same time.

      I would say NO to the instant question

      1. A coffee maker will make a wonderful gift -- be sure to pack a pound or two of your favorite coffee, and he might be a convert!

        1. yes Nescafe's Gold Blend is a great instant coffee. I get it sent over from England. Even the decaff is good. Do not buy any other make!!!!

          alternatively buy a French Press in England, sold everywhere and known as Cafetieres over there. Buy coffee and away you go.

          1. Take a pound or so of ground coffee in your suitcase and a Melitta single serve cone as well as some paper filters. When they heat the kettle for their tea you can use the kettle for your cup of coffee