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Best Lunches

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I have a final week in New York and want to make sure that I hit up the best lunch deals. What are the current best places to have a long lunch.

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  1. Jean Georges' formal dining room: 2 courses for $28, additional plates are $12 and desserts are $8. Gorgeous and delicious food and superb service. Very cheap comparing it to dinner.


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      Thanks Tina! I already have that one booked! Looking for others. Thanks.

    2. Eleven Madison Park's 5-course lunch Gourmand menu is sensational!


      Fleur de Sel has two superb lunch prix-fixes: 3 courses for $29 and 5 courses for $46.


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        Thanks!!!! I will report back.

      2. Gotham Bar and Grill's prix fixe lunch is good too. Don't remember the exact price, but remember it being reasonable and comparable to the other suggestions already made.

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          Perry St. has a great lunch deal and great wine specials as well.

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            Gotham's lunch prix-fixe is $31. http://www.gothambarandgrill.com/prix...