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May 5, 2008 03:34 PM

Restaurant Patois or Brigsten's

Which one would you book for dinner: Restaurant Patois or Brigsten's ? and what would you order? We have one night unbooked and looking for advice with specific suggestions as to menu items.

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  1. Brigtsen's all the way. I've had hit-and-miss food at Patois, and never had service to my liking there. The Duck is always a hit at Brigtsen's (see the thousand other posts evidencing this), as is the Seafood Platter - NOT a fried seafood platter, but a medley of Frank's killer Louisiana seafood interpretations. Banana Bread Pudding is divine for dessert.

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      what about the cafe au lai brulee, seriously good, as is the Duck

      1. re: kevin

        My husband was attacted to the menu at Patois and I have heard about Brigsten's duck.

      2. re: phyllisstein

        I've had nearly all the apps. and entress excluding those with rabbit or sweetbreads. Everything is good to outstanding. Husband loves the seafood platter (specifically the smoked cornbread). While not a fried platter, it is very heavy as several components have breading on them. I am also not a fan of the bisque. Overly thick and rich. My favorite entree is the tuna. App.are very good and a dinner comprised of them would be wonderful. They do an exceptional softshell crab, though not often enough. In addition, they run out early in the evening. Banana bread pudding is nice. I've not been wowed by the desserts as I am relatively accomplished in this area and am harder to please than most.

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          JazzyB- which restaurant are you talking about?
          thanks everyone.

      3. Would be careful with that duck as described recently in my Five Almost Full Days In New Orleans post. When I had it last Thursday it was sadly very dried out and not at all like the succulent treat I knew from years past. At the very least you should be prepared to send it back. Hopefully I just hit a bad night although it was an early dinner (5:30 PM) so if you do order it I would like to hear how it was!