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May 5, 2008 03:28 PM

Need Suggestions for Garden District

Will staying inGarden District ( Near Tulane) for 3 days starting Sat - bkfast, lunch, dinner. Would appreciate suggestions for meals. Am adventurous but would prefer food specific to New Orleans, rather than generic ethnic which I can get elsewhere. Also would appreciate specific food item suggestions on menu to order. Thanks !

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  1. Tulane is not in the Garden District. I really love Surrey's for breakfast, which is in the lower garden district, but far from Tulane. They have great specials that incorporate a lot of local food. The Boudin breakfast biscuit sandwich is really good. Their juices are great as well. It is cash only.

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      Now if you like oysters and shrimp you need to check out Casamentos ( on Magazine and Napoleon. Some of the best raw and fried oysters in town, they own their own oyster beds and you can be assured of some of the freshest in town!

      Culinarily yours,

      Chef Ryan

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        I love oysters and shrimp. Thanks for the suggestion. Any good places for BBQ shrimp other than someone's house?

    2. In the Tulane area, which as noted is quite a ways from the g.d., there's quite a few places. There's Camelia Grill, Restaurant One, Jacques Imo's, Dunbar's, Jasmine Cafe, Louisiana Pizza Kitchen, Iris, Matt n Naddie's, Brigtsen's, Il Posto, St. James Cheese Co., Upperline, Jamila's, Crepe Nanou, Dante's Kitchen, Babylon Cafe, Martinique Bistro, Taqueria Corona, etc. This is a wide range of restaurants in both cuisine and price, but I recommend them all. Most are Louisiana food, but there are some exceptions. Take your pick and enjoy.

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        I would also throw in Commander's Palace, a fine dining staple in the city.

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          Yep, one of my faves, but I tried to limit the recs to the university area or fairly close thereto.

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            True, it would be a hike to walk to. But it's a fairly short -- and worthwhile -- cab ride.

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              Thank you for suggestions. I was told Tulane was in garden district but obviously not.

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                This post will be yanked, but the gd is bounded by jackson, louisiana, magazine, and st. charles.

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                  So are you staying near campus (technically the University section or neighborhood) or are you staying in the Garden District? It's only a difference of a couple of miles, connected by the streetcar route along St. Charles.

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                    Thanks everyone. I have better description of where we are: across from Loyola. Guess it is not Garden District, right?
                    so any suggestions for bkfast, lunch , dinner and what to order?
                    thanks so much !

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                      Riccabono's on Panola St. has really good crab cakes benedict for breakfast.

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                        The restaurants in my original post are all in that area.

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                          You're sleeping in Audubon Park? ;)
                          The university section & adjacent Carrollton area are full of restaurants...Iris, Clancy's, Restaurant One, Dante's, Sara's....

              2. re: N.O.Food

                Restaurant One is my favorite!!!!

                  1. re: paz5559

                    Also in the neighborhood, Vincent's. ..Italian. Brigtsen's, Mat and Naddie's...lunch buffet $10. M-F is nice but not near the quality of what they serve at dinner. Cafe Grenada serves inexpensive tapas. Martinique Bistro and Lillete on Magazine. Flaming Torch 1/'2 block off Magazine near Whole Foods... Casamentos on Magazine for oyster loaf, 1/2 shell, softshell crab. All are open for lunch/dinner with the exception of Brigtsen's (dinner only). Martinique only does lunch Fri/Sat. I've dined at all, some many times and always had enjoyable meals.

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                      Many thanks to all you chowhounds for your recommendations. I am not sleeping in Audobon Park , although I plan to visit, so if you have good choices for that excursion please let me know.

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                        Audubon is lovely to stroll or bike through. The zoo is at the very back.