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May 5, 2008 03:20 PM

Goat, not cheese, not curried

I'm looking for some advice. While flipping through the tv I caught some Iron Chef. The secret ingredient was goat. Some of the dishes looked great and made me reconsider the meat. I've only had curried goat and did not like it much. But I don't really enjoy curry. So I don't know if I don't like goat or just don't care for it curried.

Any suggestions on where to try goat prepared any other way?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Goat will be on Cabrito's menu...opens the week of May 12th:

    La Hacienda also has goat soup on the weekends, and cabrito al carbon listed as a chef's specialty:

    Goat stew Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays at Caridad in Spanish Harlem:

    Goat fricasee on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at La Taza de Oro:

    Stewed goat on Fridays at Calidad Latina at 132 9th Ave:

    Wednesdays at El Rinconcito in the East Village:

    Or try a Greek restaurant. Anthos has braised baby goat on their menu:

    Haven't had a chance to try any goat in NY yet.

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      You can also see if any Italian restaurants have it on the menu. I've had goat at an Italian restaurant, but it was in San Francisco. I don't recall seeing it on any Italian menus in NYC, but haven't really been looking for it.

      1. re: Miss Needle

        There's a lasagna with goat (capretto) on the menu at Peasant:

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        If the menu says "cabrito" it may not be goat. Mama Mexico has rack of lamb that they call cabrito on the menu.

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          Cabrito's looks interesting and it's a convenient location. Thanks. They also have grasshoppers which I've been wanting as well.

        2. Authentic Mexican places (of which there are not many in Manhattan, although there are some great taco carts) will offer "chivo" tacos and burritos. You can also get it in more Caribbean-style Latin cooking. A Spanish lunch counter on 26th between Bway and 6th does it well with rice and beans.

          1. Tehuitzingo makes them in tacos. Order the barbacoa. Scott Conant used to have a great goat dish at L'Impero. Don't know if it'll be back at his soon to open Scarpetta.

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              Went to the pre-opening and happy to report that Conant will serve his moist capretto at Scarpetta. You heard it hear first. I love scooping Rater, Grub Street and the Times.

            2. Kang Suh in Koreatown makes goat soups. Heuk Yumso Tang and Heuk Yumso Chongol.
              I tried the Heuk Yumso Tang and thought it was very good.
              Definitely something I have not seen in most Korean restaurants down there.
              For the menu:

              1. If you're willing to go to Brooklyn (and you should be), Applewood in Park Slope has had roasted, sliced goat that it gets from a farm in VT on it's menu that was delicious when I had it. Probably worth calling them to see if they have it first as their menu changes frequently.