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May 5, 2008 03:18 PM

Hip restaurant on Nantucket?

Hi. I'm looking for hip and swanky on nantucket. Think cool girls in their 30s, not mallard wallpaper, knowwhatI'msayin? Any and all suggestions would be great. Thanks a ton. t

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  1. You'll want to re-post this request on the New England board.

    1. I had dinner a few months back at Lola 41. The vibe and food were both great, but be prepared to seriously spend. The portions are definitely on the petite side, but everything was delicious. The space is small, so reservations are a must.

      1. tbag- Go to The Pearl and eat at the corner of the bar. Ian Perry will make you feel like rock stars and the food is great. Enjoy.

        1. I really like both LoLa 41 and the mallards to be found at either. Lola has a heavy sushi menu (with other stuff too) and even if you don't go there to eat, you can head over there after dinner for drinks. It has a fun bar.

          1. We were in Nantucket last year for the Wine Festival. Great time. We ate at Straight Wharf. The bar scene was very, very hip.

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              The food is just ok at Lola41, but people don't really go there for the food, if you catch my drift. I guess it's "hip", but it's mainly the Botox-boob job crowd...but they do a brisk business, so they have their formula figured out. I think the food and drinks are better at The Pearl, but the bar is very small. Depends on what you are looking for. Prepare to pay top dollar at Lola.