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Looking for bone marrow bones

After stumbling across a recipe on bone marrow bones, I'm interested in adapting Fergus Henderson's recipe. Where can I find fresh meaty veal or beef bones in SF or peninsula?


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  1. I usually get beef marrow bones from Lunardi's for my dog. I assume they'd be the same type you need. They will cut them for you.

    1. Any full-service butcher shop should have them, e.g. Bryan's or Golden Gate in SF, Draeger's, Mollie Stone's, or Schaub's on the Peninsula. You may save money by getting a whole leg bone and having them cut it up. Note that marrow bones have little or no meat left on them, and that's fine.

      Beef bones work great. See this Home Cooking topic:


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        I also get beef bones from Drewes Bros. on Church St. They sell chicken necks and feet as well which are great for making homemade stock.

      2. I've posted on this topic in the past, including Fergus Henderson's recipe the week it was published in the NY Times.

        Many places sell only frozen bones. Best were fresh at Whole Foods Potrero but pricey ($3-4/pound); they're very nice about cutting them to size and picking out ones with marrow in them.

        Bryan's were good too, but they only had one or two and they were frozen. Avedano's sometimes has frozen bones, but they were a big bag and didn't have any apparent marrow in them.

        After you've eaten the marrow, boil the bones to make a rich broth.

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          Interesting -- tried to get marrow bones from the WF on Franklin about 2 weeks ago and they didn't have them ... they said that since they get the animal in pieces they don't often have the marrow bones.

          I wonder if fresh vs. frozen makes a difference in marrow bone flavor.

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            It makes a difference in texture more than flavor.

            The butcher shop at the Potrero Whole Foods is huge--much better meat assortment than any of their other stores nearby.

        2. Pape Meat Co in Millbrae (http://www.yelp.com/biz/pape-meat-co-...) can do marrow (veal or beef) bones. Call your order ahead so you don't have to wait.

          1. I have had great veal bones from Drewes Brothers. You'll need to give them a few days lead time, but they were definitely worth the extra planning.

            1. I bought mine from Boulette's Larder. They do a fantastic job cleaning them....bake and serve.

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                I've never done anything but bake and serve marrow bones. Cleaning hasn't been an issue.

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                  Yeah, I don't get the whole cleaning thing. It's a big chunk of bone--there's no way to make it look elegant.

              2. The best marrow bones I've ever had were an accident--we bought a whole bunch of "stock" bones from Marin Sun Farms' stand at the Ferry Plaza, threw them in the oven to roast and develop flavor, and then noticed as we pulled them out that some looked too luscious to throw in water.

                The combination of grass fed beef marrow and skipping any cleaning/blood leeching steps led to the most fantastic flavor, like beef foie gras.

                If I were you, I'd hit up Marin Sun Farms. Not all the bones are good marrow bones, but at least half were, and they're all good for stock so it won't be a waste. I bet if you ordered ahead of time they might even be able to give you fresh (unfrozen) bones, but call them to find out.

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                  I agree with SteveG. I bought bones from Marin Sun Farms' stand and they were excellent. i just picked up some bone marrow for roasting at the Prather Ranch stand in the Ferry Building but have yet to try them. Given the quality of their meats, I'm sure they will turn out well.
                  good luck.