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May 5, 2008 02:53 PM

Healthy foodstuffs on Long Island

I am sick and tired of trying to find healthy breads, cookies and crackers in Long Island food stores. I am interested in products that have whole grain whole wheat and or other whole grains in them. Like wise, them using I want using honey or if necessary sugar rather than dextrose, sucrose or other 'oses. I want canola oil or other "better" oils rather than the "bad" ones. Certainly no transfats.

There is very little in the above three kinds of products that can be obtained in mainstream food stores. So please help. And I've been to Trader Joe's and many of their products do not pass muster. Like wise Fairway and WholeFoods on Northern Blvb. I'm in Central Nassau county, so I'm pretty centrally located. Have Healthy products?, Will Travel. Thanks

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  1. Cornicopia , I believe in Patchogue as well Wild By Nature Setauket,Hampton Bays and maybe Northport they do have a website

    1. Have you been to Sherry's in Babylon?

      (Doesn't honey consist of fructose and glucose--some of the "other 'oses"?

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        Love the Gordon Ramsey clip! I hardly ever see him actually cooking.

      2. All sugars are "oses" and plain old table sugar is sucrose, a disaccharide made up of glucose and fructose. Dextrose is just another name for glucose. It is a simple sugar, and used (and made) by the body for energy.

        That being said, I find whole grain breads all over the place, especially Whole Foods and Wild by Nature, in Huntington.

        1. We have a really militant health food store here in Riverhead, called Green Earth, relatively big place and I think mostly everything is organic too, there must be others like him elsewhere on the Island. He even has a little organic cafe in the back. He wouldn't sell anything that wasn't 100% healthy and pure.

          1. Funny, I am coming out to LI to visit and was wondering the same thing myself. Although Fairway and Whole Foods does the trick for me.

            Here's a list of health food stores on LI. Maybe you can call ahead and ask if they have what you're looking for.


            Oh, and I agree about Sherry's in Babylon. It's pretty awesome. I also like Eden's way in N. Massapequa.

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              That's funny, I just found out someone I know had started up BOGO, I know she delivers around the Hamptons and is very knowledgable. Not as many around as I would have thought, though!

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                I know, I kept checking for more directories like, "that's it?" BOGO looks pretty awesome though. If I ever do move back to Long Island from California I will surely move out east, and will keep BOGO in mind.

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                  She's looking for someone to work for her right hurry back ;-).