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May 5, 2008 02:43 PM

Wish more was on Queens Quay West

Anyone wanting to open a restaurant? Please open it by Bathurst and Queens Quay!! There is nothing there but a hugely overpriced sushi place and a sea of condos. I wish there was more places to choose from. Closest places are allll the way in Queens Quay Terminal and then it's Il Fornello or Pink Pearl Chinese or something. Hopefully some more places move in when those new condos open up on the Lakeshore at Bathurst. Not even a local coffee spot. Unless I'm missing some gem?? Heck if you know a good spot in that area please let me know!

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  1. There are a couple of places by QQW and Rees, south of the CN Tower. Swiss Chalet (BLECCH!) Shoeless Joes (OK for a sports bar), Ichiban Japanese (cheaper and better than Guirei IMHO), and Spice Thai, which has a patio. The latter 2 are serviceable.

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      I know, such an odd spot I think for Swiss Chalet. Tried the Spice Thai, it was ok but I forgot about that sushi spot - I'll check that out this weekend. Thanks!

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        Is Guirei @ or around 550/600 QQ (below the Condo).
        If it is, I actually don't mind it for sushi.

      2. Become a social member at NYC, a couple of blocks from Bath and QQ

        $20 per month membership, $35 per month restaurant minimum.

        Good food, good prices, excellent views. The patio is the best spot in the city for downtown summer fireworks.

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          Oh that's right beside me! I didn't realize you could even do that. Thanks for the info.

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            Can you give examples of "good food"? I've been a member of various clubs over the years where the "cooking" is more a case of nuking and assembling stuff pre produced.

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              Don't take my word for it, I haven't been a member at NYC for years, but was always very satisfied with the quality of food and drink, as well as the prices. I mention it in this respect and as fooderette is next door.

              There has evidently been a somewhat recent overhaul of the dining room and kitchen according to the website, so why don't you visit thw website and read some of the "reviews".

              NYC is a "workingmans" club", and consequently it is always under scrutiny from the members wrt price, performance and value in all respects, but don't expect it to compete with the "celebrity" restaurants, it is a sailing club first and foremost. Just expect good food and value. And a friendly club atmosphere.

              What clubs did you belong to that tried to drive away their members with blandness.