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May 5, 2008 02:38 PM

Rec's for Sewickley Area?

Canadians visiting Sewickley next week and looking for recommendations for the area. Nothing fancy, just looking for good food (any type is fine), something unique to the area would be a bonus. Thanks in Advance.

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  1. It has been a few years since I have eaten in Sewickley, but the Sewickley Speakeasy used to be a nice place to eat. There was also a restaurant in downtown Sewickley that was recommended but we never got there. I was hoping the folks in the Pittsburgh area would be able to help you but this should serve as a starting point. Best I can do from Philadelphia.

    1. I would recommend the Sharp Edge Bistro. It's a branch of the Sharp Edge Beer emporium, specializing in Belgian beers, but the Sewickley location's food & ambience are a step above typical Pittsburgh "bar food." The beer selection is incredible.

      1. Azul in Leetsdale would be an option if you're interested in above average Mex. While it has some of the usual combo plates it also has some standalone apps and entrees that aren't found elsewhere in town.

        Azul Bar Y Cantina
        122 Broad St, Leetsdale, PA 15056

        1. We ended up at Azul and my family thought it was wonderful .. thanks for the recs.