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May 5, 2008 02:35 PM

Dickey's BBQ-New Durham location

Checked it out this past Friday, a couple of co-workers tried it out on Thursday. We all compared notes and pretty much had the same opinion, we're sticking with The Q Shack-original Durham location to be specific since I hear there is no affiliation with the Raleigh store anymore.

I had the 3 meat plate (brisket, ribs, hot links) and my wife had the pulled pork which I sampled. The brisket was fine, not dried out although my co-workers said it was really dried out the previous night. I still like the Q Shack's rub better. Sorry to keep bringing up TQS but the menu offerings are really similar. The ribs were really overcooked and dried out, too bad as the sauce was good. The hot links were fine, nothing spectacular but fine. The pulled pork was good. Overall the sides were pretty weak. The mac n' cheese best I can tell was Velveeta Shells and Cheese, the jalapeno beans were kind of bland and waffle fries were.....well waffle fries. The sides at TQS and The BBQ Joint ( the 2 closest BBQ restaraunts ) are way better, no contest at all.

I live really close to Dickey's and was hoping it would be good but The BBQ Joint and The Original Q Shack are pretty much equidistant west/east respectively and to me worth the drive. Even if the briskets were IMO equal the beer option and fountain Cheerwine at TQS is going to beat out the free soft serve cone any day.

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  1. I gave them a month to get things worked out in the kitchen before I went to the one in Cary. They may have been good the day they opened, but few places are. I usually get a brisket or link sandwich without sides when I eat there.

    I've never had the Q at the BBQ joint. The sides are just too good. I've been to the Q-shack in Durham several times and have never been pleased with the brisket. I don't remember the sides.

    I'm glad we now have several choices for brisket in this area so everybody can be happy.

    1. I went by last Saturday and got their brisket sandwich and BBQ beans for lunch. The brisket was moist and tender but I agree with that TQS's rub is more flavorful. I dis like Dickey's sauce. The beans were not very good. Although I didn't get one, their salads looked really good. I do like their kids eat free deal on Sundays.

      Neither Dickey's or TQS holds a candle to Smokey's BBQ (formerly Rub's Smokehouse) out in Morrisville though. But since Smokey's is only open during lunch hours during the work week and I live and work in Chapel Hill/Durham Dickey's is more convenient.

      1. This may be off-topic slightly, but I've got to plug Harris Teeter's pork baby back ribs -- I was very surprised at how good they were -- on Saturdays, they're on special at $6.99 a rack (usually $10.99) -- I bought a rack for boyfriend while I did girls-night-out and I'm chagrined to say, he only got two ribs as it became lunch/snack/late night gooey orgy....I plan on buying more than one rack next Saturday!

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          Great tip as after a day of yardwork or family outing the last thing one wants to do is cook dinner.

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          1. I am from TX and never really messed with the Dickey's much there. Honestly, the best taste of Texas is at The Q Shack.

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              I've never had any luck with the brisket at the Q Shack in Durham or the one that is/was on Hillsboro in Raleigh. The few times I tried it it was dry. It also had so much rub applied to it that it didn't melt away during cooking and became a textural component of the beef. It could be that I was just there on a bad days.

              I haven't eaten at a Dickey's in Texas. I usually eat at Jones Family BBQ in Denison when I'm there.