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Just Moved to Providence RI...LOST

Hello All,

I just moved to Providence, RI and I am at a complete loss for where to go out for great meals, expensive or not. I usually eat out 2-3 times a week and I pretty much eat everything. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Please help!

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  1. What kinds of food are you interested in? Seafood, American, BBQ, Italian, Chinese, Deli, Ethnic, Vegan, or Bar Food?

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      There is a limited amount of truly fine food, but a lot of very pleasant food. The best of them is Chez Pascal in my opinion, and for a more casual option, La Laiterie. Good, but not consistent, includes Mill's Tavern, Bacaro, New Rivers, Al Forno. I am not as familiar with Federal Hill, so far the best, if old fashioned meal, was Constantino. Lucky Garden has the best Chinese, although I heard there is a new one on Smith Street, a few doors down that is supposed to be good. And of course, it depends where you moved from and what you are used to eating. Good luck

    2. Welcome to Providence. I just moved here a few months ago and do have suggestions but it would help to know what you are looking for and comfortable with. I have had fun getting to know Providence- and with the improving weather, it will only become more interesting. Let us know what you re looking for/ where you live, etc. and I'll see if i can help.

      1. Welcome to Providence! Where were you before you moved to the PVD?
        Let me recommend some more modest good eats--Kabob and Curry on Thayer St. Apsara, on the corner of Elmwood and Public, has the best spring rolls in the state. If you need a waterfront view and some heart-stopping fried seafood, Iggy's in Warwick cannot be beat.

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          Yes! I am so with you on Iggy's. The Narragansett location is equally excellent for fried food fun, though you have to take your clamcakes and chowders to one of the nearby beaches or the lighthouse to drink in the view.

        2. Welcome to provi!! get ready to have some fun... believe it or not there is a lot of good eating here, for a city this size. we natives are quite proud of it and eager to share! It's kind of hard to make reccomendations if you're in a particular neighborhood and unfamiliar with the city, but keep up your info and i'll be happy to try & help! if you are on the east side, it's true what they say @ chez pascal (awesome), for more casual yummies and GREAT beer try ivy tavern, also on Hope st. Good luck, and welcome!

          1. There are so many posts on Providence, you just need to read the board a little bit. Here's one to start.


            1. Thank you everyone! I just moved here from Scotland (great mussels, I miss them) but I am from Massachusetts and Washington DC originally.

              I eat just about everything but my 4 favorite foods are Sushi, Indian, Burgers and Chicken wings. So if there is any suggestions on these I would be so very happy (and of course a great place to get a mussel pot would be outa this world)

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                For Indian we really like Kabob and Curry and Rasoi (same folks)...India is not bad either (I dig the duck). For burgers I like Red Stripe (inconsitant in some ways but good burger). I hear the burger at La Laiterie is unreal but haven't made it there yet. I don't do Sushi but 10 Steak and Sushi is one of my faves.

                If you eat out a lot then maybe Spikes might be a good option every now and then...great dogs and I hear the wings are good as well.


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                  You might also try Red Stripe (recommended above) for the mussels. They have quite a few preparations on the menu and I haven't found one yet that isn't fabulous.

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                    for sushi, i prefer tokyo.. it's not as "pretty" as haruki but less expensive and I think they have a more diverse menu.. Although my absolute favorite dish there is the grilled hamachi collar... I'm drooling just thinking about it!

                    Indian: hands down rasoi or kabob and curry. don't waste your time at India.. it's a nice place to have a drink, but the food is just awful. not just snacks is interesting but for what you pay for "snacks", you can get a meal at the above mentioned places

                    Burgers: I hear so much about the burger at laterie but haven't had it myself. I like the burgers at LJ's.. it's a barbeque place but you can get a nice traditional burger with a beer

                    Chicken wings: i love the angkorean wings at angkor on wickenden... they're peanutty and marinated in some sort of lemon grass mixture.. very delish

                    you can get your mussels fix at red stripe

                    happy eating!

                  2. Random suggestions:

                    For a good breakfast: Olga's Cup and Saucer.

                    For a really nice dinner: Gracie's.

                    1. For sushi, Haruki East in Wayland Square is pretty good and will satisfy a sushi craving. Indian, I agree with everyone else - Rasoi and Kabob and Curry are pretty darn good. For burgers, La Laiterie is A#1, but if you can't get in there, Red Stripe is right around the corner.

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                        For Indian try Not Just Snacks on Hope.

                        For burgers, I am partial to the Abbey on Admiral St and the Ugly American in Fall River. East Ave. Cafe in Pawtucekt has solid bar food and a great beer selection.

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                          Welcome to RI!
                          For burgers, I can't get enough of La Laiterie's burger (with cheddar) and their polenta fries. I also have never had a bad burger at Joe's (with boursin cheese). Usually I go to Kabob & Curry for Indian food. I'm not much of a sushi eater, but I do like the Sushi at Rangoon II in North Providence and had a great experience the one time I ate at 10 steak & sushi.

                      2. With Andy back at Quan's Kitchen, I have to give the nod to South Attleboro for sushi.

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                          Quan's is in North Attleboro ;-) But yeah they have great food and very good drinks!

                        2. India in warren has a great sunday brunch,lili marlenes on atwells for a cold beer, burger and steamed shrimp,and lemon grass chicken wings from galaxy[locations abound].red stripe does have pretty good mussels and a real good steak frites too.

                          1. Hey Kira, welcome to Providence! You chose the perfect time to move to our lovely city, as the winters can be frigid and dreary. If you don't mind, which part of the city are you living in? Seems like most of these rec's are on the East Side, but if you're living in a different area, there are lots of other great places to hit up, too!

                            1. Here's another board that is RI-centric and is worth checking out. You'll recognize some names from here.


                              1. Not to beat a dead horse but I have to chime in for Laiterie for the burger, it's consistently great and shows up in my dreams.

                                I've had the burger at Local 121 a few times and it's been inconsistent (overcooked once) but the last two times quite nice and on an Olga's bun - yum. Try the $5 beer cheese appetizer as a delicious starter. The great atmosphere in the bar helps make the food taste even better!

                                Even though Italian isn't on your favorites try Al Forno which can be an expensive night or affordable depending on how you order. If you're a solo diner it's a great place to catch a seat at one of the two bars (3 in summer).

                                Chicken wings at Trinity are pretty good although it seems the beer is not as good as it used to be unfortunately.

                                Try Broadway Bistro a newcomer over here on the West Side. I've only been once but was impressed by the quality from such a humble little neighborhood place. His menu changes seasonally, perhaps someone can convince him to put a bowl on mussels on next??

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                                  mussels are on the new spring menu, get down there and check it out! crispy duck tacos & "ribs and Grits" are must-trys as well.

                                2. Eating out 2-3 times a week in Providence means you go to Apsara Asian Restaurant on Public St. at least a couple of times a month.

                                  1. My fiance and I went to Rasoi for dinner tonight because we had a $25 gift certificate from Restaurant.com- excellent site by the way. It was beyond mediocure!! The Poppadoms were delicious as well as the mango lassi. The rest of the food is on life support. I took most of my entree home with me to give it CPR. The duck is tender enough, but is covered in such a salty sauce it makes eating it impossible.

                                    The lamb skewer appetizer was very spicy(heat spicy) and had little actual flavor.

                                    The raita(cucumber and yogurt dipping sauce) was delicious. light and creamy.

                                    My fiance had the stewed mutton over seasonal veggies. His mutton had more bone than meat and was cooked to the point where it was stringy and not enjoyable.

                                    The masala potatoes were watery and bland. Tumeric was the only seasoning.


                                    I had the warm carrot pudding with rose and almonds. It was too sweet, and more like a very loosely held together cake than a pudding. I'm speaking of course about american pudding.

                                    My fiance had the dumplings in honey and spices- he said they were gummy and again lacking in discernible flavor. The honey sauce was just sitting at the bottom.

                                    Overall I'm glad I had that gift certificate!

                                    It's possible that the kitchen had an off night, but it seems to me that they are trying to go in too many directions with the food.

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                                      I have to say that our favorite Indian in Providence is not on the East Side, but on the West Side at Dean and Atwells... Bombay Club. It's definitely worth a visit.

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                                        Not fancy, but the only place in PVD that knows what spice is.

                                    2. I live in Boston, but have good friends in PVD - we've had a lot of fun at the Red Fez near downtown (perhaps for the drinks more than the food...?) And if you like thin-crust pizza, Bob & Timmy's in Federal Hill can't be beat!