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May 5, 2008 02:25 PM

Bantam Bread - Plainville Ct location

Anyone know what happened to Bantam Bread - the Plainville CT location?

Tried to stop there a week ago Friday & there was a notice on the door saying it was closed.
Tried calling up but it was still the standard answering message.

Tried again this Saturday & they're still closed - from driving by it looked like the whole place had been emptied out?

Hope everythings OK but it's very odd

Anyone know what's going on?



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  1. They are closed for good in Plainville. Here's the story from the Litchfield County Times.
    The Bantam location is still open.

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    1. re: harrie

      Wow! what a snooty article. Maybe Bantam Bread should have done their homework on the area demographics and catered to the area instead of being so condescending. I was totally....not impressed.

      1. re: cmk55

        What was so snooty about it? They were upfront about their situation. Maybe you're the one with the problem and in need of mincing words? You accuse them of marketing incompetently, afterall. Maybe they thought a quality high-end product would transcend income brackets. Stop jumping to premature conclusions. Assume less, and give people the benefit of the doubt before persecuting them with your inner-most fears.

        1. re: guardfreq

          No premature conclusions here....they were they are not. Please try out the new eatery that took over their location....Bolo. They are always busy and the wait staff is friendly. The bakery and food is quite good. Sorry, that this struck such a personal chord with you.

          1. re: cmk55

            I have been to Bolo at least 6 times for breakfest since they opened. Both me and my wife are very happy to have this place to go to for our weekend breakfest. As a happy adder, the baked goods are quite good.

        2. re: cmk55

          i agree with you.. it sounded snooty. When you say you where to "upscale" for the town it is a dig at the people in that town. I have been to their bantam store and find the the staff quite rude and products sub-par. The bread is good, ill give them that, but they do not do pastries well. Like so many others from that area they have egos, that why they think that way. I know, I grew up there.

      2. I was one of the people they were trying to market to (I live in Simsbury) and never saw much from them in the way of avertising. I stopped in half a dozen times, or so, over a few months and was never very impressed. I wanted to support them (I crave a good bakery-especially bread) but could never rely on Bantam to have a great selection and was not always impressed with the quality of what was available. Sorry it did not work out for them.

        1. Bantam Bread closed in Plainville. They didn't have enough business to make a go of it.