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May 5, 2008 02:10 PM

Sauce for Fish Sandwiches - Not Tartar

I am looking to make some grilled fish sandwiches this summer - what would be some easy to prepare sauces to use instead of tartar sauce

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  1. Mix catsup and horseradish.

    1. Some types of compound butter would work nicely, depending on the fish they're matched with.

      1. chop up some canned chipotles, and blend w/ mayo and a little bit of the adobo sauce they come in.


        Corn relish



        Mayo loaded with wasabi


        Pineapple salsa, mango salsa, peach salsa

        Rosted Red Pepper Coulis

        Olive oil, salt, pepper, a good handful basil and garlic pureed in a blender.

        Indian Pickles / chutneys


        Tzatziki - fish gyros in a pita. (I do this a lot)

        You have plenty of options. Tartar sauce (although I like it) is one of the LAST things I think of for a sauce for fish.

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          Wasabi Mayo was the first thing to my mind, too. Or a chipotle ketchup. I'm a fan of acids and fish too, so how about a vinegary/lemony slaw? Kind of a riff on fish tacos?

        2. I make a lime crema for my fish tacos that may work well for you. Basically, sourcream, lime juice, minced garlic, minced serrano, minced cilantro.

          A spicy remoulade is good too.

          Or a roasted red pepper sauce.

          1. How about a gribiche, or some salsa verde?