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May 5, 2008 01:57 PM

Celebration Dinner in Long Beach

I've lived in Long Beach for 3 years, but I'm a student, so I haven't had much experience with the NICE restaurants in town.
I have an Engagement/Graduation dinner to plan for my FI, his parents, my parents and me..
His parents keep Kosher - so out of the house it's Fish (not shellfish) and Vegi dishes only.

I really wanted to go to Frenchy's But I don't think they have enough options to offer the future in-laws.
I am now considering L'opera, The Sky Room, Walts Warf in Seal Beach, daVinci.

Any thoughts with the above parameters?

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  1. I would try La Parolaccia on Broadway and Orizaba italian at it's finest or McKennas by the Bay great views of the ocean/marina or yes Walts Warf

    1. Walt's Warf has always been our family's "special celebration" place - and they do have that small semi-private room upstairs (but no elevator). Great food but not hoity-toity. Casual dress is fine. Don't know if they "keep Kosher" but you could call and ask. However, I don't think they take reservations. That may be problematic for you if your guests don't want to wait for a table. Maybe they would if you need the semi-private room.They do have wonderful bread but now you need to request it. Try to carpool as parking is often difficult there - the fewer cars you need to park, the better. Several of the nearby side streets have parking time or day restrictions now, as does Main St.

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        Since Walt's doesn't take reservations, the wait there can be really, really long. We've gone over to the Irish bar down the street to wait it out.

        The Sky Bar is very upscale, old-school. Very pricey. Men are required to wear jackets, IIRC.

        I don't know if you've considered Naples, but I hear good things about Michael's. Some Jewish friends of mine recently went and loved the fish there.
        They also said it's quiet and conducive to conversation.

      2. I would look at any of the 3 Christy Bono restaurants - Christy's, Bono's and Nico's. I'm not sure of ownership currently, but I keep going to Christy's on Broadway and love the food, Bono's as well. Great seafood and usually at least i veggie option. Christy's would be my pick for a party - more low key and intimate than the others.

        1. made Reservations for McKennas for the FORMAL get-together.
          we will be eating and enjoying each other's company for a few days in LB though - so thank you all for the tips.