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May 5, 2008 01:48 PM

First time on the Cape.

Love Mom & Pop joints & off the beaten track. Never chain or hotel. Sugestions PLEASE!!!!!

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  1. Where are you staying on the Cape?
    Some great restaurants in P-town, Truro and Chatham..lot's of Mom and Pop places.
    Been to Ross Grill and the Lobster Pot in P-town, which I loved..

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Anything but Ross' Grille unless you are a personal friend of Ken R.

      1. re: jspear

        We had a great lunch at Ross' and we were treated like we were personal friends of Ken..
        Going back in the fall of 09..I take it we should try something else?

        1. re: Beach Chick

          I've eaten at Ross' and found the service to be very attentive, and the food just great. That was 2 years ago, and it was off-season. I know I would go back.

    2. The Cape is rather large -- what area will you be in? Outer Cape? Mid?

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      1. re: purple bot

        I'll be in the Falmouth area mid-July. Any suggestions?

      2. Lobster Rolls from The Raw Bar in Mashpee. They are expensive, but huge...easily 2 lunches.

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        1. re: FoodLush

          Yeah, as purple bot said, what part of the Cape? It IS big! And varied in "personality".

        2. I am staying in Cummaquid, MA. Never been in the area before. Love Mom & Pop places rather than chains. Any help appreciated. Will travel for food!

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          1. re: Lovthebluz

            I really like The Dolphin in Barnstable center (a stone's throw from Cummaquid). They haven't reinvented the wheel, but it's just a really good locals joint. Big, varied menu with everything.

            1. re: Lovthebluz

              You're in luck! The Cape has very few chains and hundreds of independant restaurants (some of them are even good!) In close proximity to Cummaquid is Inaho on 6A in Yarmouthport for great sushi amd Japanese, Abbicci is the favorite for many who want upscale Italian and tapas. Down the road in Dennis is The Red Phaesant, an old inn with many game dishes and fresh seafood. Go to Mattakeese Wharf in Barnstable Harbor for the views and a cocktail (food's only so-so) Also in Barnstable center is The Barnstable Tavern, which can be horrible, but we've had two excellent dinners there recently. For a fried clam fix, go to Osterville ll Fish Market next to Matakeese down on the harbor.

            2. In Provincetown, there is a restaurant called Napi's ( It is one of the most unusual places on the Cape (and that says a lot!). The street it's on is populated with cats. The decor is a mishmash of oddities, old woodwork, and an assortment of artwork. But the best part is that the food is good, and not outrageously priced. My favorite dish is the Brazilian Shrimp with Black Beans and Rice. I usually get a split of Freixenet to help off-set the spiciness of the dish. You can get lobsters and a great kale soup there, too.