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May 5, 2008 01:41 PM

Anybody have impost on The Pink Door in Sea?

Would appreciate any input

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  1. Unless you can sit out on the deck and enjoy the sun setting over the water, or you have a friend who is performing in the restaurant, I really can't recommend it. At least, not for the food. It's a charming place in a great loation and the deck is spectacular.... but the food and service is underwhelming.

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    1. re: afrikando

      afrikando is right on. I work nearby and we occasionally have group lunches there because they will accomodate 15-20 people pretty well. The food is okay but just does not measure up to other places in the Market or in Belltown. However, happy hour after work on the deck on a sunny day is excellent!

    2. I went there on Saturday with a big group and we had a great time! We had great service too. I would NOT order the cioppino. I did, and was disappointed by the lack of seafood and the fact that the tiny bits I did get were overcooked. I did, however, enjoy everyone else's dinner :). The ravioli in the orange sauce was quite tasty - as was the lasagna. Their wine list was decent as well - have fun!

      1. Tealea, If you love Toulouse Lautrec as an artist, the Pink Door is the right Chowhound venue for you. If, on the other hand, you think Thomas Kinkade, "painter of light" is a great artist, you may want to consider PF Chang's instead....

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          Not a fan here either -- atmosphere is unique, maybe the burlesque show is worth the dinner... I got the wild boar tenderloin, I asked for medium-well, got super-rare and burnt, I would also agree with the ciopinno comment.

        2. Can anyone comment about the food since the chef changed? I'm forgetting the details--maybe that he came from 35th St. Bistro? I had heard the food was improved.

          I personally love the chicken under a brick, with a side that changes with the seasons, and much prefer sitting in the bar or on the deck.

          And I rate the Pink Door's mojitos the best I've had in Seattle.

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          1. re: zoogrrrl

            Yeah, I was wondering that too. The food used to be awful but I've heard great things since Scott came from the 35th St.

          2. last time I was there, they had one of the best Vegetarian Lasagnas in town. Not quite as good as Cafe Lagos, but definitely the second best I have had since I have been in Seattle. Not sure if that's your thing though. Deck/view are nice as well.

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