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May 5, 2008 01:26 PM

Pulled Pork in OC / Long Beach

Any good recommendations for pulled pork in LB or OC? Also, any good receipes for pulled pork sandwiches that I don't require a smoker?

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  1. Beachwood BBQ, Seal Beach is the only place that comes to mind. North Carolina style pork sandwiches and ribs. The fried green tomato salad is a treat, also. Try the fried pickles as a side. They're really good.

    1. How about just microwave and slap on a roll?
      Costco carries Curly's pulled pork (they also have pretty good baby back ribs). $8.95 for two containers.

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      1. re: monku

        Beach Pit BBQ in Costa Mesa has a great pulled pork sandwhich...everything else is average

      2. maybe this deserves a separate heading, but i stopped by the LB johnny reb's the other day and they said the re-opening is firm for May 15. i tend to like their fried foods better than their bbq, but the pulled pork is the best of that.

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          The pulled pork is great at Johnny Reb's. Thanks for the re-opening update. Can't wait to get some frickles...

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            I took the family to Johnny Reb's in LB, just re-opened. great food, a perfect place for the family. the manager Ryan was very friendly. We would go back for sure.

        2. Long Beach doesn't have the BBQ that it should... Other than those mentioned (which are all good) Dominguez is not far from Long Beach - Jaybees ribs is the real deal.

          Also Porky's is opening a branch in long beach at 937 Redondo Ave, yes the same Porky's as Inglewood fame. It looks done, but im not sure if they are up and running yet. Its a small stand, they will be probably to minimal cooking there, but bring it in from Inglewood.

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          1. re: wilp

            i've been driving by there staring at the place (actually, my daughter lives around the corner). i'd love for there to be good bbq. R&W used to be good, when it was called Mr. Joe's (willow and magnolia). The sauce is still good, but they par-boil the meat. and service adds a new definition to slow.

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              PS. Drove by today... Open. Ill post on it when I can. Very exciting.

          2. The original comment has been removed