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May 5, 2008 01:25 PM

Cooking Class in Charlotte, NC

Does any one know of places that offer hands on cooking classes in the Charlotte area? I have foound a few, can't believe that I can't find more....

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  1. A friend of mine has taken classes with Heidi Billotto, who is the food editor for Charlotte Weekly and another magazine. I think they were taught at Queens Univ. I am not sure how to sign up but you should contact her at Charlotte Weekly ( - she has a great reputation for being a fantastic cook.

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      I used to love her TV shows. Does she still do that?

    2. Johnson and Wales has cooking classes open to non-students.

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          Hey! I saw you at the market! I was giving a tour and getting coffee! After I got it I looked for you and could not find you! Next time stick around! I would love to say hello!

        2. THE TINY CHEF (that would be me!). I teach cooking lessons in the comfort of your own home! Visit my website for more information!

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            I enjoyed watching your videos on your site, but your name had renditions of Tiny Dancer playing in my head ;-)

          2. I've looked into Johnson and Wales. The prices are pretty steep, but the reputation is solid. Is there a Williams Sonoma there they may have classes. I don't think there are any Sur La Tabla in the area.

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              There is both a Williams Sonoma and a Sur La Table at Southpark. I do not know if they have cooking classes though.

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                As the man who teaches the classes at WS, we ain't hands on. I talk a lot and people take notes. We're just not set up for it.