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May 5, 2008 01:20 PM

red hook bests

Want to explore red hook; so far my experience only extends to enjoying Tini's friendly, very helpful staff and great wine list by the glass. The places I definitely will try, based on the reviews here and my friends, are the ball field stands (when they open) and Alma. What else? I'm not so interested in Hope and Anchor's shtick. I'm open in terms of price and cuisine as long as people solidly recommend the place.


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  1. Go to the Added Value Farmer's Market, at the Red Hook Farm once it opens this summer, it's a really special place!

    Sohui at The Good Fork makes wonderful dumplings, and they have a great burger

    Along Columbia St. , Pit Stop is lots of fun on a nice day in the garden.

    Fairway's cafe isn't great, but it's really nice to sit on their back patio, it has amazing views.


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    1. re: monicabyrne1101

      cannot go to the hook without a stop at good fork. minus reservation, you may have to wait to be seated. this time of year you should have better luck as they have some outdoor seating etc.

      1. re: monicabyrne1101

        "Fairway's cafe isn't great"---- I have to step in and say they have really good, very generous, original sandwiches, friendly staff, and you get to linger at the tables outside chit chatting a little with the locals, drinking in the million dollar view.

        And then you can follow the signs to Steve's Key Lime Pies, and get an individual 4" pie for dessert!

      2. Alma is not very good; it's not even good.
        what's the shtick at Hope and Anchor? they have good brunch and good food. Someone already mentioned Good Fork, and I agree that the sandwiches at Fairway are good - it's just not like the restaurant on B'Way. Their lobster roll is a great value.
        You can have a drink at Pioneer and maybe they'll be bbqing in the back.

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        1. re: sarapeater

          Yeah, stay away from Alma. It's pricey and they are cashing out on the view - a view that you can get plenty of when you are on the Promenade. Le Cocotte at the corner of Union and Columbia offers solid grilled seafood. BYOB, cash only though. And how can I not mention Shnack! Burgers based on how many patties you want and what kinda toppings, simple and delicious. Fries are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

          1. re: usbchinita

            I think you mean Petite Crevette (not Le Cocotte). And Schnack is closed. So is Pioneer Bar, although there's a new place opening soon in the old PB spot that looks similar to what used to be there.

            I agree that Alma has just ok food, but it's pretty to sit up there and enjoy a few drinks watching the city lights twinkle. The bar downstairs, B61, is one of my favorites in the neighborhood for a pint, especially when the huge windows are open towards the waterfront.

            Viva is pretty good for Mexican when the ballfields aren't open, and Baked has some very tasty desserts. The cakes are especially good.

            1. re: oolah

              did Pioneer not reopen yet? guess they really can't get the dept of health on their side. sorry to mislead

            2. re: usbchinita

              Petite Crevette is on Hicks and Union. If you're going to go to that part of the neighborhood, you can't miss Ferdinando's on the other side of Union. It's over 100 years old and serves very delicious Italian food.

            3. re: sarapeater

              I like Alma. Love the enchiladas.

            4. Excellent, thank you guys for the opinions. So Alma gets mixed reviews, huh? I can't wait to try Good Fork, seems like an interesting place. And it's also good to get dessert and bar recs as well.

              My reservation about Hope and Anchor comes from word from friends that it feels like a faux-diner; it might be the type of place that has great brunch, but I doubt that I'd go there for dinner.

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              1. re: exalt

                Hope and Anchor has a decent burger but the real reason to go there is the Karaoke. The neighborhood's other must (that i'm willing to talk about on a public forum) is DeFonte's. Fantastic sandwich place, lunch/take-out/weekdays only (maybe Saturday??).
                And not to be persnickety, but all the Union Street places you discuss aren't really in Red Hook. Red Hook begins south of Hamilton Ave.

                1. re: HankyT

                  you are not being persnickety...that was part of the reason why i only suggest good fork. i love spending the day in red hook, but it is still years away from being a food destination.

                  one more thing that folks can do is Six Points brewery. not sure if it was mentioned, but you can tour the place.

                  1. re: cdog

                    Good point, CDog. What about Six Points? Or whatever name the bar there goes by. Rocky Sullivan's is it?
                    Anyway, I haven't been there in ages. Is it worth a trip?

                    1. re: HankyT

                      i think it is liberty tap room.

                      1. re: cdog

                        Used to be but now it's called Rocky Sullivan's (or similar) and is owned by one of the guys from Black 47.

              2. I'd wait a couple of weeks til the ballfields open as it is one of the best food scenes in all the city, let alone Red Hook. for a traditional sit down meal, I suppose Good Fork is the best choice, especially since the demise of 360.