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Sep 23, 2002 10:27 PM

Gramma's Country Kitchen

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We've heard great things about this place just off the I-10 on the way to Palm Springs. We'd like to stop in on our way out to the desert mid-week and have the parents meet us there, but so far we've haven't been able to get an address as we don't know the name of the town it's located in.

Any Chowhound's out there familiar with the place?


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  1. The Web is a wondrous tool -- and I hadn't the slightest idea where the place was.

    Grammas Country Kitchen
    2868 West Ramsey Street
    Banning, CA 92220

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    1. re: TE

      TE, I spent time on two different days looking up Gramma's on google, monstercrawler and dogpile. At first, my husband gave me the incorrect spelling of Grandma's and I thought I had it with Gramma's. That didn't do it, either. So I added in Hwy 10 along with CA (which I used with the wrong spelling). My friends consider me a wiz at finding nearly anything on the web, but this time I was completely baffled that I couldn't pull up anything.

      Please, tell me how you did it!

      1. re: Lily

        Want me to reveal my secrets, eh? Why if I tell how to find addrsses, 'Hounds will stop conscientiously giving them in every post.

        There are a number of online telephone directories. The one I use most is, but that isn't the one I used to find Gramma's. That one is located on the home page (or at least my home page!).

        All you need to know is the name of a business and the state, though the city is helpful. Fortunately, (1) you spelled "Gramma's" correctly, and (2) while there are a number of businesses named "Grama's" in California, there aren't too many; not all of them are restaurants; and I know enough local geography to know that (for instance) Long Beach isn't near Palm Springs.

        (This may be news to some 'Hounds, who, when asked for a restaurant in Long Beach, might reply something like "Well, I don't know one in Long Beach, but there's a terrific one in Palm Springs". But I digress).

        Anyway, I hope this helps somebody.

        1. re: TE

          Thanks for the tip! Next time I'm completely stalled, I'll try it. Or just ask you. ;-)

    2. Yeah, it's in Banning about 30 minutes from Palm Springs. I've eaten there many times. I wouldn't call it "great", but they do have a pretty good layout for breakfast at a reasonable price. I almost always order the fresh trout with hash browns and eggs plus pancakes. It was about $7 mostly due to the trout, but you can get lots of other breakfast items instead for a few dollars less. They also have a selection of pies. Just exit around the 22nd street off-ramp when you are straddling Banning on the 10, and you'll see it along Ramsey street (there's a stagecoach out in front.

      There is also a good and cheap mexican place there whose name escapes me. You'll find that on the north side of Ramsey St. (Gramma's is on the south) a few blocks to the east.

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      1. re: gj

        I've eaten there a number of times also. It's always satisfying. Just like the name implies, It's a homey place with a friendly staff and an extensive menu. The meatloaf is a standout.