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May 5, 2008 01:16 PM

Where to have an aperitif?

It will be my husband and my college aged stepdaughters first trip to Paris. Among other things I'd like for us to go to a very beautiful bar in a hotel for an aperatif. Can you suggest where we should go and also anything really special to order? Thank you.

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  1. The bar at the Ritz is the one with the most tradition. Hemingway famously liberated it in 1944. We usually stay in the 6th and have an apéritif at Les Deux Magots before going on to a restaurant. There is no better apéritif than a glass of champagne.

    1. Thank you! We will be staying in the 6th. We'll go to Les Deux Magots. I stayed at the Ritz years ago and thought that it might be good to take the family there, if only for a drink.

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        We like to have a drink at Deux Magots, but one time we decided to try the Ritz and walked in. We were shocked to find that a reservation was needed to have a drink in the bar, so avoid disappointment and plan ahead if you want to go there. I think it would be worth it.

      2. Thank you! I never would have thought to make reservations!