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May 5, 2008 12:58 PM

Fried Oysters

Last night I had the fried oyster roll at Geido, my favorite Japanese restaurant in NYC, and it was slamming. Usually fried oysters, in my experience, are a mess and can leave me feeling sick, but when they're good, they're dream-worthy. Other places to get them? Chinese-style, New orleans style, Jersey Shore style, or anything else?

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  1. Uh - I'm replying to my own post. I guess there isn't much interest in fried oysters here, but I did just see in the latest Time Out a small note about farro, a term referring to three different kinds of wheat (including einkorn, spelt, and emmer), and they highlighted some NY dishes that use farro. One is the "crispy farro-flour-dusted deep-fried oysters atop tiny cabbage bundles stuffed with farotto (farro cooked risotto-style), nestled in a swath of lemony egg sauce." This is at Bar Milano (323 Third Ave at 24th St). The cabbage bundles in the picture look a bit like stuffed grape leaves, but cabbage-colored. Interesting dish.

    Has anyone tried it or Bar Milano?

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    1. I liked the fried oyster roll at Blue Ribbon Sushi, and it's the only roll I ever get at Sushi of Garil. Also love the fried oysters at Pear Oyster Bar.

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        Lovely fried oysters at Red Hat on the River (on the hudson at Ardsley)...

      2. Yesterday I had a generous serving of perfectly fried oysters in the hangtown fry at Stone Park Cafe in Brooklyn.

        1. Prune has excellent fried oysters as well as this relatively unknown Japanese restaurant on Broome street called Jin. Plump oysters - yum

          1. Delicious fried oysters at Mary's Fish Camp on W 4th @ 10th.