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Sunset Grill

If you are going to visit the Boston area than you have to visit Sunset Grill. They have awesome food and over 100 taps. You'll just love it.

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  1. I agree it is a great place. The food is surprisingly decent and rather inexpensive. They have this amazing spinach and artichoke dip with pita chips. Its probably one of the most fattening things on the menu, but its so worth the calories. I'm not a huge beer drinker, so i cant attest to the selection, but from what friends have told me, its pretty awesome. They make a great margarita however!

    1. If I were making recommendations to out of town visitors about good/interesting restos and bars to visit, Sunset Grill would NOT be on the list. Please . . .

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        i do agree with you there. while it may a good "local" spot, i totally would NOT recommend it to someone from out of town!

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          Heck, I live three blocks away and I wouldn't even recommend it for locals!

      2. Unfortunately out of those 100 taps, only about 6 are in good enough condition to drink - usually the last 6 they just put on tap. Ice cold, flat, and lifeless is no way to drink through life...

        I love how every positive review of this place has to mention the number of beers - like that is some mark of quality or something.

        Same old story with this place, goes downhill, they fix it for a while, get knowledgeable servers, rotate the beer at a quicker pace, then after awhile just turns back into the way it used to be. Short pours and high prices on less than 7%abv IPA's was the nail in the coffin for me.

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          True about the taps being flat and nasty. I once went there eagerly looking forward to the draft selection, and (stupidly) ordering something off the wall, knowing it was rarely selected by customers. Result: flat, moldy yucky brew.

          I love the idea of that many beers being on tap, but only if they move 'em!

        2. It's not a bad place and neither is the Sunset Cantina, though the latter is more like a chain restaurant in feel. Despite the number of beers, it's not a real drinker's place, more of a gimmick and marketing device than real love of beer. It's not, in other words, like Publick House.

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            Good to mention Publick House. A long time ago, in the dark days here, one could go to Sunset to find rare, imported beers. It is/was a novelty, and quality then did not matter so much; the alternatives were no good anyway (do you remember pre-Sam Adams days and so on?). But now I would not send a visitor to Sunset though I'd confidently send them to Publick House for great beer (no comment on the food). Other places as well, you don't need 100 on tap, just a place that serves good ones and perhaps your favorite or one you have not tried before.

          2. I have to echo the majority of other posters regarding this place. The food has been nothing but mediocre - partially cold entrees, carelessly assembled plates, dry burgers. The neglected taps produce, as Ralphie in Boston says, moldy yucky pours.

            The real concerning thing, not to be overly cynical, is when I see new Chowhound accounts post about a place with such 100% gusto and seemingly 0% objectivity. Though I'd never outright suggest it, I can't help but think there is something fishy with these posts.

            1. Since we are on the subject, let's give a shout out to the Horseshoe Pub in Hudson, not for their average food but they have @80 well kept beers on tap.

              1. Well everyone, thank you for your responses. I am an out of towner myself and I just love this place. I go to Boston a number of times a year and visit Sunset Grill just about everytime. The food has been great...not anywhere near mediocre. Yes sometimes you get flat beer but bars are much worse. I am a TRUE fan of the place and there is absolutetly nothing fishy about my post.

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                  In that case, glad to hear you are a fan - that is what Chowhounding is all about, we try to respect everyone's opinion. :) Welcome!

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                    Out of curiosity, what would you say is great there? I live very close to Sunset and want to like it but I've never had anything there which I would rush to eat again.

                    I'm well aware of the opinions on the taps but I've never had to send a beer back. As for food, I'd say it's bad to average at best. What should I try to change that opinion?

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                      The only food that is really great at Sunset are the nachos! In college, we used to head there as much as we could for a huge order of fiesta nachos. Delicious! Everything else though is sort of mediocre.

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                        Their beef ribs are were ok too. But I think I enjoyed them mostly because I haven't come across many (any?) places in Boston that served BBQ beef ribs.

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                          I used to rave about Sunset foodwise for two things: the boneless buffalo wings and the burgers. I always thought the other food there was either overly ambitious or bland and/or not good quality.

                          First the wings: Generally, I'm not a boneless wing kind of gal because boneless often mean breaded chicken tender with hot sauce on it. Sunset's boneless wings are not breaded and the quality of the chicken tends to be juicy and tender and never too dry. I also like the sauce on them.

                          The burgers: For a long time I these were my favorite burgers in Boston (Best burger for your buck). For what you were getting the price was considerably less than what many other restaurants and bars were charging. This was partly because it didn't come with fries but since I don't always eat the fries it worked for me. I particularly liked the Vermonter (bacon and cheddar). Between 2000 -2007 Sunset and later Sunset Cantina were really consistent about not overcooking my burger (I like it medium rare). The meat was juicy, the bun sort of flaky and buttery but not as much as a brioche bun and the bacon nice and thick.

                          I was at the Cantina a couple months ago and got a really terrible burger and was VERY disappointed. It seems they changed the actually burger pattie. It used to be fresh and juicy and this one seem like a previously frozen hockey puck.

                          I told my co-worker about it and he claims you need to order the "Beer Steam Burger" to get the good one. I've never ordered it that way but then he went back and said it was delicious as always. I want to believe him but I haven't tried yet because I can't stand the thought of having another gross burger.

                  2. Thanks for the recomendations on places to try.

                    1. Agree with the others: they don't take care of their taps very well. I went on a craft beer crawl a few months back and enjoyed Deep Ellum and Publick House a lot more. For food, I've got to think there are better options including the aforementioned Publick House and Redbones.

                      As a side note, I'm not saying the post is or is not a schill... but if you want to look up the history of a poster, you can click on their username and see that jessflex98 has only posted (at least under that name) about Sunset.

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                        Not exactly...they have one other post about a place in the Caribbean.

                      2. My favorite food at Sunset is the french onion soup, the sweet potato fries with raspberry vinagarette and the nachos....the burgers aren't bad either...i also like thier brunch on Sunday's.

                        In reference to JoeM and Ralphie_in_Boston - yes these are my only two posts as I have just signed up at CHOW this week.

                        I'm going to Boston tonight for a wedding and i'll be visiting Sunset as usual.

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                          Are you interested in recommendations of places with better food and drink?

                        2. While not my favorite place for craft beer, I say they generally do a good job. I've never had any way off tasting beers. A few times some beers don't turn over real fast, which will happen with this many taps unfortunately. They do usually serve in proper glassware though. Food wise the nachos are usually pretty solid. It's all decent pub fare.

                          I believe many beers geeks include this place in their list of must hit spots when in Boston.

                          1. I'd love some recomendations for the next time I make a trip to Boston Bloomie. Thanks.