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May 5, 2008 12:16 PM

upscale Asian near Washington Square Village??

Taking a couple who are getting married out to dinner on Saturday night. Between various health and dietary restrictions, Asian seems the best cuisine. I am thinking of Omen which fits the bill but am wondering if anyone has ideas of similar places -- somewhat upscale but not over the top, quiet enough for conversation.

One other consideration is that we will have a baby at home with the babysitter and don't want to venture too far from the neighborhood. Another place I was thinking of is Sumile but I think Omen is nicer and better.

Any ideas?

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  1. Can you give us more of a sense of the health and dietary restrictions? It's been years since I went to Omen, though I do remember the room (rooms?) being lovely and the food quite good.

    1. i went to omen with 2 japanese friends and while it was ok, i just didnt think the food quality was great nor was the place itself given the prices.

      if you are going the asian route and willing to be as far south as prince, perhaps soto on 6th avenue would work. they have sushi but the real draw is the cooked japanese food. everything is quite delicious and its a comfortable spot.

      1. In that area, I would suggest Kyo-ya - 94 E. 7th st - the food is much better than Omen and price is comparable. Its really an extraordinary kaiseki place which you need to book a day or two in advance but ordering from the regular menu doesn't change the experience. And the ambiance is really zen - I love this place.

        Sachiko's on Clinton is another option but a bit further away.

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          Kyo-ya does sound good but I think it is going to be too far away for us.