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May 5, 2008 11:46 AM

Prince Edward County

Planning to be in PEC in early July for a few days. New to the area and curious what people would recommend for dining (or doing for that matter). All things food and wine-related are good.

Fine dining is good, but I especially like more casual dining where the food is still great and at times, not as fussy.

Found this thread from 2006 and was wondering what has changed:

(why wont this make a link?


Carriage House

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  1. The cycling in PEC is great.
    Visit Lake on the Mountain.
    Visit Waupoos and have some cider - it's amazing.
    Lie on the beach at Sandbanks.
    Eat Ice Cream from Slickers in Picton or Bloomfield.

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    1. re: thenurse

      Waupoos Cider. The name sounds intriguing; where do I get it? I love cider,,,hot or cold...or better yet a cider slushy. I know it dilutes it but there's nothing more refreshing on a hot day!

      1. re: dory

        For those in Toronto, Waupoos is on tap at Harbord House (where Rower's used to be, on Harbord west of Spadina).

        1. re: dory

          Hmm, I can't remember exactly where it is, but if you go to, it's on the map. You can also buy it at select LCBO's in Toronto, but not all the different kinds.

          1. re: dory

            I believe that they have it on tap at the Rebel House and/or the Abbot on the Hill.

        2. Black River Cheese is a local co-op. Try the curds and their cheddar.

          Visit a few wineries, BUT ensure what you are trying/buying is PEC grown. Some I've found-only a small number-are sneaky and will not tell you that the grapes were grown in Niagara. I particularly liked the wines from Sandbanks, locally grown grapes, small batches, and you'll probably buy them from the winemaker herself. Huff is one of the larger wineries and their wines are generally very good.

          Also, I agree with Waupoos cider, it is one of the best I've ever tasted, certainly the best Canadian cider.

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          1. re: Scary Bill

            Great - thx

            ...and would you eat at angelines?

            1. re: Scary Bill

              I was really disappointed when I tasted Waupoos cider a few years ago. I found it too sweet to drink. By any chance are they making a dry, or at least significantly drier, version these days?

              1. re: embee

                march & mb

                Never been to Angelines, so I can't comment except to say that it seems to be one of the more popular spots.

                Here's the cider co website;


                Actually, the Waupoos is not my favourite as it is a semi-sweet, the County Premium Cider is. Like you, I prefer dry British style cider over all other efforts.

                The Feral cider is new to me, but as it is a late harvest with an alcohol % similar to the drier County, I suspect it may also be at least semi-sweet. They don't say.

                One further note: Tony Aspler (I think it was Tony, could have been a different imbiber) expects PEC to become a pre-eminent pinot noir producer. When I was last there two summers ago it was not quite there yet. I'd be curious to see what progress had been made since then.

                1. re: Scary Bill

                  We visit PEC every summer for a couple of weeks and I can say Angelines imho is horrible. If you have ever eaten Italian this is not it. We have tried a variety of different places and now the only place we eat out at is The Waring House's, Barley Room. Fantastic food good service and an enjoyable atmosphere.
                  Great local winery's and cheese shops
                  As for Ice cream White Mountian home made is a must. small shop on the main strip in Picton.
                  The beach of course
                  and if in the mood the Mustang drive-in is a fun throw back to the old time drive-in movies. (we have kids).

                  1. re: Connoisseur

                    I suspect you may be confusing Angéline's, known for their fresh and regional French cuisine, with Angelo's Restaurant & Pizzeria, known for their Italian food. Please don't confuse the two. They couldn't be more different than night and day. Seriously.

                    1. re: Griffin

                      me and my wife satyed in PEC in 2004 for our honeymoon and TBH angelines was a great experience.

                      its really interesting how PEC is still very much a secret. We went back this year with a child and considerably less money =(. but was still great !

                      bhudda dogs was excellent. our son who is 21/2 ate the chutney dog and one with aioli. i had the jerk dog (had lots of bite) and the chutney which was very nice tasting.

                  2. re: Scary Bill

                    I go to Waupoos every summer to stock up on their Feral cider, its a light fruity summer beverage and definitely not sweet...
                    Visit the Huff Estates (near Bloomfield) and Long Dog wineries (near Black River Cheese factory)
                    Bloomfield has some great little shops

                    1. re: gwenchick

                      I'm from Picton. A great new food business down there is Petra Cooper's cheese factory. Once they get up to speed it will be excellent.


                      After Black Creek Cheese factory lost their starter in the fire a few yrs back, we need another quality producer down there.

              2. I had a fabulous lunch at Carmela Estates Winery last summer. Beautiful view from the patio seats. Service was very friendly and full of effort, but it seemed they were still ramping up.

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                1. re: Full tummy

                  I had a pretty bad experience at the waring house. Go to harvest before you do anythign else.

                  They make very decent baco noir in PEC. This is the wine i tended to like the most form this area. I esspecially liked the couple of winearies there that were making dry rose with this grape.

                  unfortunatly i drank all the bottles i bought when i was there and don't remeber the names.

                  just my two cents.

                2. I'm looking for a good midrange-to-casual dinner spot in PEC. Preferably Picton, but Wellington, Bloomfield etc. would be OK too.

                  Any recent reports on...
                  - Portabella?
                  - Integration Gourmet (Wellington)?
                  - Currah's?
                  - Milford Bistro?

                  ...or any other recs?

                  We've been to Harvest and enjoyed it very much, but we're looking for something a little more casual and easier on the wallet this time. That's why Merrill Inn and the Bloomfield Carriage House aren't really on my shortlist...

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                  1. re: Mr F

                    Hi, I love PEC and agree with thenurse's wonderful suggestions. The last time I was there I ate at both Harvest and the Merill Inn, and just so you know, Merill is much more relaxed and a little less expensive than Harvest. We spent $120 for two of us at Merill, compared with $180 at Harvest. And both were wonderful, but I really preferred the casual vibe and simple food at Merrill.

                    1. re: Mr F

                      Portabella and Currah's are both great choices and are indeed casual and easy on the wallet. As they're practically across the street from each other, I suggest your make your decision with your eyes and nose. Whichever room has the space and appeals to your mood.

                    2. If you are looking for a reasonably quick place for lunch at some point...
                      I just had lunch at Buddha Dog on the mainstreet and found it an enjoyable and amusing on the standard summer lunch of hot dogs. The ingrediants are local, right down to the hot dogs.

                      have a great trip!

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                      1. re: 5as67

                        Interesting before I read this I was thinking way to early in the season . . . always thought of PEC as a late July onward spot. . . for veg. . . but a nice dog or sausage . . . is a nice thing (damn my wife and I got off the 401 in May to drive through and we enjoyed the views but did not stop . . . where are the good dogs at?)