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May 5, 2008 11:43 AM

Neopolitan Pizza

I'm moving to Cambridge and NEED to find authentic neopolitan pizza. I currently eat at Via Tribunali in Seattle and it is the best i've had aside from the real thing. Please give me ANY leads to authentic brick-oven pizza in the Boston area. Thanks!

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    1. re: finlero

      Rereading this, I should apologize if my hasty post accidentally stifled any discussion.

      Gran Gusto makes my personal going-away favorite Neapolitan-style pizza in the city, but there are certainly a solid handful of other worthy pie makers out there, including Antico Forno in the North End, apparently Pasta Market in Malden (I haven't been), and Picco in the South End (again, haven't been), to name a few.

      I think GG would be a particularly good fit for you since it's right in Cambridge, but "without a doubt" is obviously just silly. Welcome to Boston -- after you've tried a few pizza places, let us know what you think!

      1. re: finlero

        I had a really good pizza at Picco this weeekend.

        Plan on getting to Gran Gusto maybe this week.

    2. I once read an article where Antico Forno earned official certification to meet the authenticity qualifications for pizza, by the Italian governmental authority.

      That should count for something! ( if it's true )

      1. Not to dash your hopes, but you won't find any Neapolitan pizza in Boston.

        I haven't tried Gran Gusto but I have tried Antico Forno. Antico Forno's pizza is very good but it is not cooked in a neapolitan oven like Via Tribunali.

        Neapolitan pizza can only be achieved with a 90 second or less cooking time in a neapolitan oven, not any "brick oven".

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        1. re: ebpizza

          Apparently Bertucci's has several pizzas that have passed the certification for true Neapolitan pizzas according to the official rules of Associazione vera pizza napoletana. They are one of the only establishments in North America that pass the tests.

          The whole "pizza rules" thing seems a bit suspect to me.

          1. re: teaTomE

            I'm with you in being suspicious of rules in anything, but there is such a thing as an authentic Neapolitan pizza both in rules and in spirit. First the rules. Silly or not, the European Union protects certain foods by allowing countries to designate official products (DOC in Italy, AOC in France). Even in Italy you can get a DOC pizza and pizzerias list it as such on the menu. For reference, there is no place in Boston, nor Bertucci's, that is a member:


            Second, in spirit, of course you can make a pretty authentic Neapolitan pizza without being officially designated. I am not an expert, but for me there are 3 keys: a hot, wood burning oven; the right type of flour, and true buffalo mozzarella.

            Third, you can have all kinds of great pizzas that are not Neapolitan (e..g, authentic NY pizza that uses a coal oven), but the poster was specifically looking for th Neapolitan style.

            So to stay on topic and avoid the CH penalty box. I've been reading this board and am also on the lookout for authentic Neapolitan pizza in Boston. The only place I have seen mentioned that has both a wood burning oven and uses true buffalo milk mozzarella is Gran Gusto. I hope others can add to this list.

            As a final thought -- I am also on the lookout for good pizza in general, but I view that as a different thread, of which for that matter there have been many.



            1. re: bombaybeauty

              The VPN website is out of date, since then quite a few restaurants have paid to be certified including Bertucci's

              So if you want official Neopolitan pizza in Boston, then yes - they have it at Bertucci's. But from my own personal experiences of eating pizza in Italy I'd recommend Gran Gusto over everywhere else.

              1. re: teaTomE

                Interesting - right you are - Most of the VPN certified places I have eaten at (DC, NY) have actually been quite good, using a wood oven and buffalo mozzarella. So either Bertucci's has gotten much better (they list a distinct Neapolitan pizza on their menu, but they use the usual subterfuge of a brick oven pizza and mention only fresh mozzarella not buffalo milk mozzarella) or the VPN certification has become meaningless.

                I suppose the answer is obvious...


              2. re: bombaybeauty

                A lot of the pizzas I saw while in Naples had crazy stuff like french fries or hot dogs as toppings. I tend to think that people who are being "snobbish" (not meant in a condescending way) about neopolitan style pizza who saw someone doing something like that here would turn their nose up ;)

            2. re: ebpizza

              Actually Gran Gusto will provide that exact Neapolitan pizza experience in Boston. :)