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May 5, 2008 10:40 AM

Savannah Eats - BBQ, Fried Chicken Requests

Hey All,

Coming to Savannah for a couple days next week. I've already got a bit of a head start looking around and searching this board, but I'm wondering if I could get a bit more specific help.

I'm looking for:

1. A Fried Chicken joint. Any place that serves stellar bird? I'm looking for the most authentic, down home kinda place.

2. BBQ: I've heard Walls is the place the locals in the know go. Is it really all that? I've also heard things about the Pink Pig (sp) and Johnny Harris.

3. Southern/Soul Food: I'm trying to convince my traveling partners that a dinner at Mrs. Wilke's Boarding House would be once in a lifetime, but they're uncomfortable about the intimacy of the setting. Can anyone tell me if it's worth dragging them in? Will they be converted by meal's end? Are there other, better places? If we do go to Wilke's, how long in advance do I need to make a res?

4. Beer spot - Someplace with homebrew or a great selection. Any breweries in town that are good? Does Moon River make good beer? Does Old Savannah Brewing Co do tours?

Any other suggestions along these lines are very welcome!


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  1. Mrs Wilkes is great, and could probably double as your fried chicken spot. Excellent stuff. I havent lived in SAV for several years, but last I knew Mrs Wilkes was not open for dinner and only did lunch...they also used to be closed on Mondays so doublecheck.

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    1. re: sarahew1

      Yeah, thanks. I found their website and it looks like lunch only, no res. So that answers that. Still, more suggestions are really welcome.

    2. I used to be into Walls, but it wasn't that great the last time I went. I enjoyed Coffee Bluff BBQ (a good bit south of downtown), but I was thinking that it isn't around any longer. The food at Johnny Harris may be alright, but the interior certainly is a trip.

      I think Moon River does good stuff, beerwise. There may be a miss here and there but it's worth trying overall. I'm probably not up to date, but there was a Savannah Brewing Co that's come and gone, not sure if that's the one you're referring to.

      1. Here's the current state of Food in SAV:
        Fried Chicken-The Lady & Sons, or Mrs. Wilkes, no res, if ya want to stand in line for hours. The Holland House-rare find off beaten path, lunch only, 352-3382. Also, worth mentioning: Nikki & Mama's on MLK, or Geneva's on victory dr. for soul food too!
        BBQ- New place opened up downtown last month called Blowin' Smoke. OUTSTANDING but pricey. Pink Pig is a hike into SC, and very inconsistent hours of operation. Somebody mentioned Coffee Bluff BBQ, my personal favorite, it has changed hands and now is 2Bubbas BBQ,921-1144, Walls is closed for renovation. we avoid Johnny Harris like the plague, not very palatable anymore...
        UMMMM BEEER- Moon River brews a damn good beer, stick with apps, the food is TERRIBLE. The OSBC has been closed for a few years now. This is a PBR town!
        BEST MEAL IN SAV, in my humble yet educated opinion- Elizabeth's, ChaBella, Zunzi's, Vic's, 2BubbasBBQ, BonnaBellaYachtClub, NobleFare

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        1. re: Tomatokid

          That's a shame, I was hoping for some serious Georgia que... sounds like nothing there really knocks socks off. Any other opinions on that?

          I had heard about Nikki & Mama's, maybe that would be more worth going to than Lady & Sons and Wilkes? We're going to be there for two days and I don't want to spend too much of it waiting in a line.

          I don't need to eat at the beer joint, so Moon River might pass. It's funny, we have a place just like that where I'm from (Coral Springs, outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida) called Big Bear. Awesome beer, terrible, overpriced food except the burgers and pizzas.

          I've heard Vic's mentioned a bunch on this board, what's up with that place?

          Many thanks to all contributing.

          1. re: johnmlinn

            Oh, i think i didnt clarify. we got serious Georgia que!
            2Bubba's- owned by two french-trained/ex fine dining hippy brothers that use the pork jus instead of h2o to cook their collards and stew, and even a CAJA-CHINA sp. on occasion.
            PIT STOP BBQ, hwy80, down in a hole, owned by a preacher!
            AngelsBBQ, downtown. tattoo-pierced crowd, funky sauce
            PAPA's whitemarsh island, local only hotspot
            VIC's is a very upscale spot with great views, 'tweakedupsouthern' menu, very well executed.
            check out

            1. re: Tomatokid

              Sweet! That sounds great, I think I'll check out 2Bubba's and probably Vic's. Thanks for the website too, I'll take a look.

              1. re: Tomatokid

                I second Angels BBQ. Do try the BBQ balogna sandwich. The chef knows what he's doing. Hard to find, impossible to resist.

          2. Walls is off the beaten path and it makes up in charm, where the food is just decent. but it is worth the trek in trying to find the place..

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            1. re: waitress

              And you should just take a picture and then go eat somewhere else

            2. Many thanks to all. My trip was excellent, and we got a lot of great food in. The highlight was definitely 2Bubbas. That place is legit... we rolled up around 7 pm and there was this really cool, country breeze blowin the smell all down Coffee Bluff. The people I took with me were kinda pissed we had to drive so far out (25 minutes out of downtown, boo hoo) but their tune changed as soon as we got the food. First off, the ambiance was perfect... just plastic covered, wooden tables on a large deck that sat in front of a windowed shack and a huge smoker on the side billowing out meaty plumes. The Bubbas themselves were super cool, and were jamming out to Grateful Dead Live in Cornell 1977 (a great set) while we ate. I got a half rack of ribs, collard greens, brunswick stew, texas toast, and a sweet tea; my buddy got a pork sandwich with fat, homemade fries and the ladies each had loaded baked potatoes with chicken, cheese, mushrooms, peppers, and onions. Peach cobbler for desert. Everything was stellar. The meat was unctuous, smoky, and falling--apart tender. The sauces are great, all 6 of them (mayo, gold, mustard, vinegar, hot, and sweet). Fries were otherworldly - really good. Best meal on the whole vacation.
              Vics on the River was another bright spot. They make a sick bloody mary - we had some with our lunch the first day we were in Savannah, but I got really drunk one night and had to go back to get a second one the next day as a little hair of the dog. It worked!
              Two dissapointments: We didn't make it to Wilkes (our friends wouldn't have been up for it anyway) and we went to Nikkie & Mama's and we had to turn around and leave because the steam tables were FILTHY and covered with a really gross looking sludge (they had a few tins out so we could see in). Hopefully that was an aboration because I'd heard lots of good things.

              Anyway, thanks again to all! Food aside, I loved Savannah, it's one of the coolest, most beautiful cities I've ever been too. The people were so friendly, I've never experienced anything like it. I definitely fell in love with the place.