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May 5, 2008 10:39 AM

best roasted whole pig (chinese)

Hi All - my son is turning 1 next month & we are doing a party at the house. I thought it would be great to get a whole pig from Chinatown. Can anyone provide a recommendation on the best place to get one? I live in Southeastern MA so it doesn't have to be exactly Chinatown! Thanks!

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  1. You should be getting a suckling pig, otherwise you may have more pork than you know what to do with. I recommend Rainbow Cafe in Chinatown, New Trend Eatery in Allston or Kam Man in Quincy. All three places will roast a pig to order for you and in my experience are very good. All three places charge by the pound.

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      New Trend is closed (what's the latest?).
      also Vinh Sun and Hongkong eatery roasts suckling pigs. and you can order them without the chinese seasoning, which is what I do when we orer the whole pig.

          1. re: 9lives

            My cholesterol is going up again just looking at the pics. That was WAY too much pig at Hong Kong eatery.

    2. I am also sure that Kantin in the Allsston Super88 would roast a suckling pig. They do pretty respectable meats.

      1. You can get suckling pig at the store right next to Hei La Moon. It sells only roasted meat of all types (pork, chicken, duck etc) and is really no frills. The suckling pig is one of the most delicious.

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          I guess the question becomes, which places should you _not_ go for roast pig?