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May 5, 2008 10:05 AM

Where to find "Pressed Duck" at Chinatown Chicago restaurant?

My parents are coming to town this week/weekend and love "pressed duck" from Chinese restaurants. This is a dish which usually the duck is cut into triangle pieces, fried and served with sauce. I'm trying to find a Chinatown restaurant that has this Dish on it's menu and have been unsuccessful so far. I see Lao mentioned as good place, but this Dish isn't on menu. Please advise with other suggestions of where to find "pressed duck". Thanks.

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  1. I think you mean Peking Duck. House of Fortune by Wentworth made it pretty good but you should try to call and reserve it if you really want it.

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      Pressed duck is a totally different preparation from Peking duck. The meat is removed from the bones and is pressed into a cake which then receives further cooking. It was commonly served with plum sauce. Pressed duck was popular in Cantonese restaurants into the 1970s or so but is out of fashion today. Of course, the way retro has been lately, pressed duck might come back as the next fad.

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        "Pressed duck" is also a French specialty with roots going back to the early 19th century, and popularized (and still available) at La Tour d'Argent.
        See below:

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          Another totally different preparation.

          This thread on LTHForum shows one version of the American-Chinese pressed duck, also known as almond duck, at Orange Garden Restaurant. The thread also shows that pressed duck was still offered there as of March, 2008. It also raises questions about why someone would want to eat there other than going into a time warp having mid-twentieth century American-Chinese food.
          I have seen a relative recent reference to pressed duck at Won Kow in Chinatown, so that might be a possibility. I know that they had a branch on Belmont near Sheridan in the 1970s that did a good job on pressed duck.

          Orange Garden Restaurant
          1942 W Irving Park Rd
          Chicago, IL 60613