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May 5, 2008 10:05 AM

Night markets (farmers and otherwise) in LA?

Here's your chance to share everything you know about the best evening markets in LA.

I got to thinking about this topic considering that TaiwanFest is next weekend, (see my post ) I got to wondering. For those who have never been to Taiwan, the country is filled with probably thousands of fantastic, manic night markets filled with all manner of food, clothes, funky and wonderful smells, colorful characters and all manner of fascinating weirdities.

It therefore seems a bit odd (and, quite frankly, sad) that the TaiwanFest (and the majority of festivals I've been to in LA, save Dia de Los Muertos and the various Christmastime candelight processions) end so early.

Several months ago in Koreatown, on Olympic near downtown I beleive, I did see a huge outdoor night market of some sort. But sadly we were in a rush to get somewhere unimportant (as evidenced by the fact that I have not forgotten my destination, but still remember that night market), and I lost the chance to check it out. Does anyone know what this market was?

I've heard rumors of a Taiwanese night market in Monterey Park on Thursday night around Garvey and Garfield. Is there any truth to this?

Of course the LA Times has their comprehensive list of Farmer's Markets in LA, but of all the night markets on the list, which are the best ones worth checking out?

Looking forward to your replies

Mr Taster

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  1. South Pasadena's Farmer's Market is open from 4-8 on Thursdays.
    Not quite a night market, but there's quite a collection of Mexican food stands in Boyle Heights from Thursday-Sunday -- just off Cesar Breed St.

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      That's a great start.... any others?

      Mr Taster

    2. Northridge Farmer's Market is pretty good on Wednesday nights. Half of the stalls are veggie and fruit stands. The other stalls are cooked food (i.e. tacos, Hawaiian BBQ, roasted corn, funnel cake, etc.). It's almost like a mini-fair.

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        That sounds very promising.

        Nobody has yet chimed in on the Taiwanese night market in Monterey Park at Garfield and Garvey-- does this exist?

        Mr Taster

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          I have been to a "farmer's market" in the parking lot just east of where Heavy Noodling was located. Not much produce or prepared food. Lots of tables selling other stuff. A miss at least for me!

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            It sounds like what you're talking about is the mysterious night market in question. I did some googling and discovered that the market was on Saturdays at the parking lot at Lincoln and Garvey, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. They did it for a few years but a call just now to the YES Marketing Group confirms that they are not putting on the night market anymore.

            It's a shame... with so many Taiwanese in LA it would be a great addition to LA's thin array of late night options (bars? no thanks!)

            Mr Taster

      2. Although not in LA, you could check out Surf City Nights in Huntington Beach on Main Street and PCH. It has a small farmers market, cooked food and craft vendors, music, and games for the kiddies.