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May 5, 2008 10:01 AM

Mother's Day Brunch or Lunch in or around Asheville

Any ideas on where hubby can take me (and my MIL) for Mother's Day? I don't want to do Grove Park or Highland Lake Inn, as we've done GPI several times, and the one time we went to HLI, we were extremely disappointed. I've heard some good things about Never Blue in Hendersonville; any comments?

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  1. I've had dinner at Never Blue twice - excellent both times. I heard that they changed their Sunday brunch from a buffet to menu, if that makes a difference.

    1. You might check out my earlier thread called "Brunch on the SC/NC border", but honestly, I haven't come across a brunch I liked as well as Highland Lake Inn, so I may not be of much help to you.

      I'm very disappointed to hear that Never Blue is no longer doing a buffet. It's a little hit or miss for me, but that's the beauty of a buffet: tiny tastes to start, then ignore the clinkers and go back for the good stuff!

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        The buffet was the reason I was looking into Never Blue-I love a good brunch buffet, so I'm disappointed to hear they don't offer it anymore. The one time we went to HLI, which was for Mother's Day several years ago, the buffet was sparse at best. Very little meats or sides to choose from, no prime rib or even ham carving station, and only two or three veggies. The best part of the whole thing was the salad bar, and it only had a limited number of items on it. Has anything changed since that time-probably 2005? Can you give me a rundown on a recent brunch you had there?

        1. re: stephw1

          The salad is ALWAYS the best part at HLI...I guess because they grow their own greens. Since I'm too lazy to think about it real hard, I've copied an exerpt from my last CH post on the subject (from apprx 6 weeks ago)...

          "There have been times in the past when I thought the brunch was just OK, but yesterday was great. The stand out was swiss chard braised in apple cider vinegar and bacon. The garlicly brussel sprouts were very good. The baby greens (grown on site) are always a standout and were yesterday as well. Buttermilk dressing superb. Curried cous cous on the salad bar surprisingly good. Good bread, grits a bit of a disappointment. Pancakes w/ warm maple syrup and good bacon. The Prime Rib was nicely rare, but a little bit lacking in flavor. The desserts are always a weak point at Season's, but these were pretty good, including the creme brulee cheesecake."

          On second thought, though...I think maybe if you decide to give HLI another try, you maybe shouldn't do it on a big holiday. I always avoid eating out on Valentines and New Years...and perhaps Mother's Day falls into the same category. Good luck!

      2. A Mother's Day tradition for me is the Greek Luncheon at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church....

        Probably not what you are looking for, but YUM!


        May 11 - MOTHER’S DAY LUNCHEON - Sponsored by The Land of the Sky Ahepa Chapter # 28 at the Hellenic Center of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 227 Cumberland Ave. from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM. As always it will be Cafeteria Style with a variety of Greek Gourmet dishes like Lamb Shank with Manestra, Baked Chicken with rice, Spanakopita, Pastichio, Moussaka etc. We will also have a variety of our pastries, cookies and breads. Our Greek folk dance troop will perform the traditional Greek dances dressed in the authentic costumes.Tours of our newly renovated Sanctuary will also be available. Mark the date on your calendar and plan to come. Carry out will be open from 10:30 a m to 2:00 p m. For more information call the church office at 828-253-3754 between 9:00a.m & 12:00 p.m or the Hellenic Center at 828-254-7424 on the day of the Luncheon.

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        1. re: Leepa

          That sounds both interesting and delicious! My 11-year old has been dying to try moussaka, and what better way than prepared by actual Greek cooks! The annual Optimist Club dinner was held for several years there, and the food was always good. Do we need to make reservations, or is it just first come, first served? Thanks for the suggestion; I may just tell my hubby that's where I want to go. If so, I'll post our thoughts Sunday evening.

          1. re: stephw1

            I've never had reservations and have had no trouble.

            Hope you enjoy it!

        2. Made a reservation today for Mother's Day at Never Blue in Hendersonville. They told me it will indeed be a special Mother's Day Buffet Brunch. (we also went on Easter and it was very nice)

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          1. re: tobyzoo2

            Ooh, now that I see that, I have a difficult decision to make!!! Thanks for the heads up on Never Blue.

            1. re: tobyzoo2

              We went to Never Blue for brunch yesterday, and overall, it was very good. The omelets were delicious, and the waffles looked that way, although I didn't try one. Everything I tried on the lunch-style buffet was good, especially the Cuban pulled pork-so moist and tender, it practically melted in my mouth. The penne alfredo with scallops was great, as was the chicken queso with homemade tortilla strips. And I loved the Caesar salad dressing. The only thing I felt was missing was some sort of potato, which I would have loved to have with my omelet. I must say, the most disappointing aspect of the buffet was the dessert selection; what little there was didn't impress me at all. Having said that, I'm not a big dessert eater anyway, so it really didn't detract from the rest of the meal, at least in my case. Overall, we really enjoyed it, and I look forward to trying their everyday menu someday soon.

              1. re: stephw1

                ah! we have similar tastes. I remember the chicken queso and cuban pork as the highlights of my last visit, and also that the desserts were disappointing. I was the one staring at you through the glass *joking* , see my tale of dissappointment nearby...