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May 5, 2008 09:55 AM

Spice Route--feedback?

Headed to Spice Route on King West tomorrow based on glowing previews and hype . . . now hearing rumours that we may be in for disappointment. Has anyone been? Any tips on what to order/expect?

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  1. Hi Nelson, what have you heard? I assumed that it would be essentially a place the hordes of 905ers would come to on weekends before heading to the clubs (Brant House-esque), if this is the case I wouldn't expect much, all sizzle, no steak, + not my scene...have I got it wrong?

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    1. re: Recyclor

      That it will be a very cool space for innovative Asian flavours--that from a couple of TO chefs. Depends if small-plate tapas-style Asian food is your cup of tea . . .

      From Martini Boys: "Spice Route's lure, however, will be Executive Chef Winlai Wong’s ambitious roll call of homeland northern heat and southern sweet treats. . . her culinary skills shine with a standout talent for combining strong and subtle flavours."

      1. re: Nelson

        No offence, but when do the Martini Boys ever say anything negative about a place? Lobby, Ki, doesnt matter the locale, if it has hype they will cover it positively.

      2. re: Recyclor

        But it is also a club with its own House DJ brought over from London.. so it is a place where tehy want the 905s to stay after dinner...

        Has this concept ever worked?

          1. re: Herb

            I went to the opening, but alas no food to try. This kind of venue looks more like a club than a restaurant, its pretty big and open. The chef came from Monsoon, which was only so-so.

          2. re: OnDaGo

            The concept works big time for the clientele (same crowd as Ultra).

            I've been to spice route for drinks (after 10pm) and it is insanely busy. We're talking huge lineups at the door and the bouncers not really having any idea what to do with the crowd.
            One bouncer even stated that spice route is not a club, and therefore doesn't have a guestlist (unless bottle service), so everyone has to wait about 20-30 minutes before getting in. There's also no cover, so the appeal is high.

            Inside, at around midnight, its next to impossible to move, get a drink, go to the bathroom, or go outside on the patio for a smoke. There are lineups everywhere. This is pretty typical for a hot spot. No complaints so far, but the staff do seem to be a bit inexperienced.

            Going to try the food soon.

          3. re: Recyclor

            i went for dinner last night and you hit the nail on the head with all sizzle no steak, really not a great experience. the room is beautiful, very impressive in a design sense but the food and service was very mediocre. i sat at the bar while waiting for my friends to arrive and had to fight to get noticed by the barmaid, she was busy flirting with two guys , when i managed to get her attention she wasnt friendly or helpful at all, maybe because she presumed i didnt have any money being just in jeans and tshirt when most of the clientele was in business suits. then onto dinner, our server could not answer any questions and obviously had zero knowledge of the menu and getting his attention was a mission impossible. when the food arrived verything was okay, but just okay, nothing was bad enough to send back but nothing was great either, just like the kind of food you get in any average asian style restaurant. all in all a big disappointment, they put all this money into creating such a beautiful impressive space but they havent nailed the basics like good food and service

          4. I went for a quick tour today and the interior is beautiful. The washrooms are very unique (probably some of the neatest in the city) and the decor is top-notch.

            It is definitely more restaurant than nightclub. It looks to be closer to the resto-lounge type of atmosphere vs. some of the other mentions in this thread (This is London, Brant House, etc.). I would not categorize it with those venues.

            I'm excited to try it out a few times - the patio looks great and will be awesome for post-work drinks.

            1. Does anyone know if they are open now (or will be open) for lunch?

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