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Sep 23, 2002 12:18 PM

Hanabi - New Long Beach Sushi Bar

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Hanabi recently opened in the new shopping center at PCH and 2nd Street in the southernmost reaches of Long Beach. Looking for some new sushi options, I decided to give Hanabi a try - in fact, I gave it three. Three strikes, it's out.

Hanabi has a sit down restaurant with a small sushi bar; I counted 12 seats. It offers a very limited variety of fish. On my first visit, within a few days of opening, I sampled some tried and true favorites, among them hamachi and a tekka maki. Ho hum, at best. Second visit, a toro tataki special was available. This turned out to be the only highlight of the three visits: a large portion of excellent toro sashimi over shredded daikon. It was such a large portion that I couldn't eat anything else, so opted to return, hoping that the second meal, and not the first, was the norm.

It was not to be at Hanabi. I sat down and ordered a hamachi handroll. The sushi chef told me he'd never made one before. Warning buzzers went off in my head, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway, and told him to do his best. It was passable, but barely. The rest of the meal was, again, very ho hum. After thinking about my three experiences there, I realized that the rice left an aftertaste or mouthfeel that I've never had anyplace else.

I spoke to the cashier upon leaving, and learned that Hanabi, and its sister restaurants, Southern Tsunami on Santa Monica in Bevery Hills and in Irvine, are new ventures of a company that pacakages sushi for sale in supermarkets. That explained the whole thing. If you're looking for supermarket sushi just a tad fresher than at your local market, head over to Hanabi. Otherwise, this one's a miss.

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  1. Ptooey! A front for a supermarket sushi factory? I'm sorry I ever clued you in to this one. I guess my lone positive experience was an aberration. You've earned the right to ignore them after three tries. I can't believe the shokunin didn't know how to do a hamachi handroll. There are other fish in the sea.

    1. I ate at Hanabi several times and the butterfish is excellent. If you're looking for butterfish in the LBC, this place has it...and it's only 5.99!