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May 5, 2008 09:37 AM

Calling All Frittata Combo's

I'm having 6 for brunch this coming Sunday and I was considering frittata's as the entree of choice. What are your favorite combinations for frittata's. Any special side dishes you really like to serve with your brunches?

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  1. My favorite is cubes of smoked mozzarella, whole grape tomatoes and basil, with some parmesan on top. Also, fwiw, I now use Marcella Hazan's method using the oven, rather than the stove top, and find it much easier.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Hmmmm that sounds delish. I have to try it.

      I usually start my frittata's on top of the stove and then put them under the broiler element in the oven. What is Marcella Hazan's method?

      1. re: KingsKetz

        I used to do that too that, but I have a gas oven w/ the broiler at the bottom and it never worked out well. Her oven method is to pour the mixture into a buttered baking pan (round), put in preheated oven at 350 for about 15 minutes or until not runny. I think a lot of people think that a frittata is supposed to be browned, but it's not (unless one likes it that way, of course), and so this method works v. nicely.

        BTW - I use the whole grape tomatoes, because, in my experience, if you use cut up ones, the frittata is too watery.

        1. re: MMRuth

          I second baking frittatas. Don't have to worry about it burning.

          As for favorite combos, breakfast sausage, onions, spinach, potatoes, and feta is a good standby for us. When it's time to make a frittata, though, I usually open up the fridge and see what leftovers I have and go from there (dollops of leftover mashed potato work great).

          1. re: MMRuth

            Larger cut up ones do work ok but only if you seed them before chopping them up. That gets rid of most of the excess water.

        2. re: MMRuth

          I like this combination, too. I use oven dried tomatoes so it doesn't get too wet. Slice Roma tomatoes in half, season, drizzle w/ olive oil, bake at 200 until dry (takes a few hours). Sometimes I'll add bacon because everything is better with bacon, and it goes w/ the smoked mozarella.

        3. Lately I have found that stratas are even nicer and easier than a large frittata to feed a brunch crowd. I like this spinach and cheese one on epicurious (do double the spinach).

          That said, if you are set on frittata, my favorite combo is asparagus tips, tomatoes, and fontina.

          1. I make one that I think came from Gourmet (so is probably on epicurious). Green onions, shredded potatoes (the frozen ones work great), and boursin cheese.
            I also make one with green beans (from Marcella Hazan)

              1. I love individual zucchini frittata's with pecorino and chives that you bake in the oven in muffin tins. They are super easy and great for entertaining. Using peccorino sometimes fools people into thinking there is meat in them for some reason. They always go over well at brunch.

                I usually serve them with a green salad of mache or arrugula with various ingredients, fruit, and scones.