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May 5, 2008 09:31 AM

Should I buy a DCS or a Dacor Drop-in Cooktop?

We've been looking at gas cooktops for a while now and don't feel any closer to making the final choice. I thought I would ask here to get opinions other than those of the sales staff.
They have steered us away from the Windcrest (because the surface under the burners isn't one peice - not so easy to keep clean) and toward the Dacor PGM365 and the DCS CTD-365. I've read reviews on both units (all good) as well as the sales brochures, now can a few "real people" tell me their experiences, good and/or bad, with either of these brands?


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  1. while I know that all the companies that make pro style ranges also make cooktops I my experience almost all service issues have been with the ranges. Except in the rare instance where an igniter will fail there is not much to go wrong with a cooktop.

    If you want to get a matching oven there are a lot more differences, and if you were asking about a very very high output cooktop that might prompt different response but I don't see many differences in any of the cooktops you mentioned . Honestly unless you have some sort of particularly slovenly stovetop habits I don't even see how there is much issue with the cleaning pan of the affordable Windcrest -- you slide out the catch pan, wash off the burned, crusty spills, maybe a bit of Dawn to degrease and it slides back in...

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      The surface that runs under all 5 burners of the Windcrest is built like a box with a base and 4 sides screwed together to form the pan unlike the solid one piece surface on the Dacor and DCS. Liquid from boilovers, crud and grease can get into those seams and over time become next to impossible to clean out no matter how clean you try to be.

    2. We have had a Dacor for 1 1/2 years now of heavy use, and like it very much. It's attractive, I like the little blue lights on the knobs that let you know when a burner is lit (especially when the burner is on simmer- you can't see the flame), and it's easy to keep clean, though the area around the knobs scratches easily. The layout of the burners is good.