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May 5, 2008 09:22 AM

Dinner Near San Diego Airport

Hi there - I'm looking for a restaurant for Sunday Dinner near the airport. Based on the helpful posts on this board, I'm considering Better Half and Laurel (which appear to be 10-15 minutes away) and Island Prime (though I'm not sure I can get a reservation). Any other recommendations? Thanks so much.

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  1. Sunday is Mother's Day so you may have challenges getting reservations wherever you go. Of your choices, Island Prime is closest to the airport - and it's very close. They have 2 restaurants on the property so check C-Level if IP is booked. If you like seafood, you might also want to try Fish Market (next to the Midway Aircraft Museum).

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      The problem with c-level is that they do not take reservations (unless they have recently changed their policy), so give that its mothers day, cross your fingers.

      1. re: foodiechick

        C-Level takes reservations, only on holidays..
        Usually they do a set menu.
        Good Luck to you!

    2. The airport is close to both Point Loma and Little Italy, both of which have been covered here and you can probably find lots of recommendations just by doing a board search. Also check out the restaurant listings at you can search by geographical area, which is helpful.

      Old Venice, La Scala, Red Sails, Humphrey's and The Brigantine are all in Point Loma. In Little Italy, all you have to do is get to India St. and start walking, you'll trip over all the restaurants. Buon Appetito is probably the best and most reliable of the lot.

      Will you have a car or not. Cabs are plentiful in SD, but they are not inexpensive even for short hops. And rapid transit isn't exactly very rapid and the airport isn't very well served by what mass transit there is.