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May 5, 2008 09:21 AM

west 40s for upscale kids?

My boss is a somewhat snooty rich lady who has to take two nine year olds to lunch on Sunday in the West 40s before a matinee. It has to be quality, even if its just really good pizza. A place that takes reservations would be preferred since Mother's Day in the theater district will probably be insane.

Any suggestions?

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  1. The West 40's are not exactly choc-a-bloc with upscale establishments. dbBistro would be a good choice, but they don't serve lunch on Sunday.

    Marseille might work. While not upscale, it's not exactly cheap either. The food's excellent, and the lively brasserie setting has very attractive decor. At this point, getting a res for Mother's Day may prove challenging, but no harm in trying.


    1. Ouch, I don't envy you. I've lived in the West 40s for years and nothing immediately springs to mind. As RGR notes, the closest fits do not serve lunch on Sundays.

      I'll second Marseilles and throw in West Bank Cafe (flawless food, white table cloths) and Becco (which I don't even like).

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        Oooh, yes, I should have suggested West Bank as well. While not upscale in terms of cost, I agree that the food is first-rate, and the overall atmospherics are really nice.


        As for Becco, even if the lady in question was not hoity-toity, I would never recommend it. Mediocre pasta, ultra-cramped seating, and an insanely high noise level. Ugh!

      2. La Masseria http://www.lamasserianyc.com/ I was here a while back and it had pretty good italian

        Blue Fin good atmosphere, good food , just don't get the sushi, not worth it

        Esca I have not been here and know that it has gotten mixed reviews but I think it is in the area you need

        1. How about Barbetta? The website says that the garden is open. I remember when I was a kid, I thought Barbetta was the ultimate in fancy dining.