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Affordable Cooking classes

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I wanted to go with my mother in law to some cooking classes while she is visiting us this summer. She does not have much $$ so I wanted to pay for both of us so was looking for something on the cheaper side ($50 or less) to go to.

One place I noticed was Whole foods but they don't have much information about it on their website. Does anyone know how much their classes are or have info about any other classes?

we are in the west/northwest suburb area but are willing to drive for a special class.


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  1. Whole Foods is one candidate. I'm not sure what you mean when you say they don't have much information about it on their website...? Here's how to find out about their demonstrations and classes:

    1. Go to their website at www.wholefoodsmarket.com
    2. Click on "STORES & EVENTS"
    3. On the right, where it says "Find Events & Classes", select the location near you.

    You should then find a list of events, including some that recur as well as others that don't. Some events are free, while others aren't.

    Another possibility is adult programs put on by your local town (sometimes by the high school) and/or community college. For example, this summer's cooking classes at Harper College are shown at www.harpercollege.edu/academ/course_s...

    1. "Demonstration" (as opposed to hands-on) cooking classes are $40 at the Chopping Block in Lincoln Square and the Merchandise Mart. Their class schedule is on their website (www.thechoppingblock.net).

      1. In the Western suburbs, College of DuPage has plenty of options. Famous Liquors on Roosevelt Road in Lombard used to have classes... you may want to check it out. Also, most Williams-Sonoma's have cooking classes from well-known area chefs.

        1. For his Christmas present, we took my nephew to a cooking class at Flavour in Forest Park and were very pleased with it. They have all different kinds of classes for people of all ages. It might be a bit more expensive than you were looking for, but check out the website and calendar and maybe you can find something in your range that interests you. www.flavourcookingschool.com

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions thus far! I definitely will look into the Whole Foods classes. When I first looked at their website, the summer classes were not updated yet so thanks for the info. I also will check into classes by FAmous Liquors. Those were a great deal as well! I will check into local ones as well!


            1. Whole Foods actually has decently priced cooking classes. Theyre usually around $50. I'm going to a pasta making class next Tuesday for $50 that includes dinner: a salad with your pasta dish, a glass of wine and a fancy dessert.

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                Try FreeCookingPrograms.com. Classes are held all over Northern Illinois & Chicago area. Literally free admission with no sales reps, or advertising. Substantial tasting portions served and recipes distributed. Sessions conducted by highly skilled. proven and refreshingly honest chef Michael Niksic. Classes are casual, usually a riot, very informative and appropriate for all skill levels. Huge range of subjects covered from historical cooking periods to Chocolate Overdose, literally 50+ regular subjects covered not including requested topics!!