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May 5, 2008 09:15 AM

Kid Friendly Santa Monica dinner (5ish)

The closest to Bergamot Station (23rd and Olympic) if possible but all appreciated!

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  1. tacos por favor (very simple place) at 14th and olympic

    1. Earth, Wind & Flour on Wilshire around 23rd St., Il Forno on Ocean Park Blvd about a mile south of Bergamot Station, Gilberts El Indio on Pico near Cloverfield (cash only) maybe even the Daily Grill on Colorado between Cloverfield and 26th St?

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      1. re: JE33

        during the week, il forno opens for dinner at 5:30
        on saturday and sunday, they open for dinner at 5:00pm

      2. Also, The Counter is about a mile from there, at Ocean Park & 29th.

        1. for italian, there's also fritto misto at 6th and colorado

          for no frills mexican, if the kidlets like burritos or quesadillas, etc. monte alban on santa monica.

          not everyone here loves it, but for a convenient kid friendly lunch, try lazy daisy on pico.

          you're also not too far from nook or violet.

          closer to the beach, both jinky's and jack 'n' jill's are kid friendly, as is the obvious choice of CPK on wilshire.