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May 5, 2008 08:52 AM

[North of Inverness] 3-days in the Far North

I will be traveling back to the UK for a family wedding and to help the kid move out of her UCL flat at the end of the month.

After three days in London, we will travel by train to Inverness and then head north for the family wedding in Dunnet. We will be staying in Thurso, and will have a rental car. We will be in the area for three days with only one meal covered by the wedding festivities. Any thoughts on good spots for meals? Specialties of the area that we must try?

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  1. Specialities of the Highlands would have to be game and salmon.

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      Well, I can reccomend the Ceilidh Place in Ullapool, they do a lovely Cullen Skink. The atmosphere of the place is nice too, though I think Ullapool is a bit of a drive from Thurso.

      I can only reccomend you pick up a copy of 'Scotland the Best' a great guide book by a native.

      He recommends the 'Captains Galley' in Scrabster, and La Mirage in Helmsdale.

      Off the topic of food there are some great beaches up there.

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        Thank you so much! Yes, Ullapool is a bit far at 2 hrs, 53 minutes and as much as I love Cullen Skink, this driving on the left side of the road has me scared so I won't probably drive that far for soup.

        However, the two spots you found in "scotland the best" are perfect. One in town, and one to try on the way back to Inverness. I will look for this book at Waterstone's during the London portion of my trip.

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          My trusty Good Food Guide has absolutely nothing local to Thurso.

          Best I can offer is 2Quail at Dornoch - about halfway between Inverness & Thurso - probably around 100 mile drive from either.

          Wick is, I think, the nearest largish town to Thurso so a Google may produce something there.

    2. Langoustines! Nothing like really fresh Scottish langoustines, steamed or grilled. Pricey, but worth it. Better than any lobster or shrimp, IMO.

      1. Sorry, don't know the bit that far north (but would love any notes on places you find as I'm thinking of moving near Inverness at the moment), but can thoroughly recommend the Orkney ice-cream which you can buy at a restaurant/farmshop type place on the A9 near Evanton.

        I would however go for the langoustines (possibly called prawns or 'local' bay prawns) although they are not always easy to find. I've tended to eat more seafood on the west coast of the highlands and more 'meat' on the east coast.

        If you ever need rec's around Inverness/Nairn or over to the west coast from there I might be more help! I hope you have a good time!

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          I am originally from Dingwall which is about 12miles north of Inverness so you may well pass through it. I recommend Coburns Haggis, although I've not tried it myself (I cannot stomach the smell!), my husband loves it and my mum is always sending them to us.

          I myself miss macaroni pies, which are basically pastry base filled with macaroni cheese - you can buy them in most bakeries in the North- they sound odd but something I really miss! I recommend the bakers in Dingwall, mainly cuz my mum works there :)

          Fish of course is great in Scotland as is beef and venison if you're lucky enough to find it.

          Orkney ice cream is wonderful. When we went a couple of years ago we visited the Anderson in Fortrose and it has lovely food and a wonderful selection of beers and whiskeys. We also had afternoon tea at Inverlochy Castle, but that may be a bit of drive for you! My grandparents used to live up that way in Rosehall, near Lairg, and I seem to recall going to some rather swish hotels for dinner/lunch when I was younger so it may be worth googling!

          If you like sweet stuff try Tablet - a very sweet fudge like sweetie! And if you want to bring back food - the really garlicky company is based just outside Inverness, we brought lots of their stuff back with us.

          Have a fab time - I'm jealous!