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photo cake

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anyone know where i can get a pareve photo cake made anywhere in nyc? thanks

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  1. try Butterflake in teaneck on Cedar Lane

    1. There's a place in Boro Park that does it, but I forget the name. Sorry.

      1. Kosher Marketplace on 90th and Broadway makes them.

        1. Ostrovitzky's on Ave J and corner E12th

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            Strauss bakery on 13th ave in brooklyn

          2. Glaubers in Monsey. Costly, but a big hit. They also make a cake in the shape of a mountain covered completely by soft icing flowers. Perfect for Shavuos.

            1. want to just follow up and say thanks for the good suggestions. wound up getting the photo cake from supersol on the uws. they did a great job, only needed a couple days to order, and photo was given by email. also turned out to be much cheaper than other places.