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May 5, 2008 08:14 AM

Baltimore Special Occasion

My wife and I want to have dinner Friday night for our aniversary)and can't figure out where to go. It needs to be a "special occasion " restaurant, but we cant settle on a location. We have decided against Chrleston for reasons that are too long to go into.

Other than that everythng else is on the table. Your thoughts?

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  1. No worries. You have tons of choices outside of Charleston. Here are a few that are not in any particular order:

    1) Antrim 1844
    2) Oregon Grille
    3) Tersiguel's
    4) Brass Elephant
    5) Abacrombie
    5) The Wine Market
    6) Watertable
    7) Elkridge Furnace Inn

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    1. re: SGI

      A great list by SGI. I personally would second the Oregon Grille recommendation (had a wonderful group dinner last November and can't imagine a personal anniversary dinner being any less spectacular). I'd also add these places to the list:

      1) Milton Inn: also near the Hunt Valley region like Oregon Grille (technically it's actually in Sparks). I've never heard a bad word about it. Very historic, very romantic.

      2) The Prime Rib: king of what it does, the setting is dark with deep reds lining the atmosphere. Food is excellent.

      3) Tio Pepes: There is contention about it amongst food lovers of Baltimore. Great food, lovely decor, but it might be a bit loud and chaotic for your special occasion

      4) Aldos: Italian, of course. Another fantastic place.

      Best of luck!

      1. re: Wangus

        Oregon Grille is a nice special occasion place. You won't be disappointed. It's not great -- it doesn't take enough chances to achieve that, but it doesn't fail either. I can't imagine not having a satisfying if not world class meal there.

        Tersiguel's is also an excellent choice, and the food does get great on occasion, although more in summer when the produce from their farm is in evidence.

        Milton Inn has never impressed me. I love Prime Rib as much for the decor as for the very good food.

        Forget Wine Market. It's just not impressive IMO.

      2. re: SGI

        Antrim and Tersiguel's are excellent suggestions.

        1. re: debit

          I wholeheartedly concur! If you try Tersiguel's ask for Charlie as your waiter- he 1/2 makes the place great!

      3. The original comment has been removed
        1. No one has mentioned the following, which I can personally endorse:
          Brasserie Tatin
          Oregon Grille
          Nasu Blanca
          Sammy's Tratoria

          1. You should definitely consider
            Chameleon Cafe
            Every meal I have had there has been fantastic.

            Also Woodberry Kitchen and the bicycle has been really good lately.

            1. Cinghiale
              Woodberry Kitchen
              Chameleon Cafe