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May 5, 2008 08:12 AM

Mother's Day Lunch Menu

My husband and I are having our families (7 of us total) to our house on Sunday for a Mother's Day Lunch. I was thinking of serving a roasted leg of lamb with some roasted asparagus but I need some more sides/carbs, etc.
Any and all ideas would be much appreciated!!

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  1. roasted potatoes, with chick peas, broccoli, garlic, rosemary etc

    1. Rosemary or saffron rice. Maybe a butternut squash soup (chilled if you live somewhere warm)? I love butternut squash with just about any meat except chicken (but that's possibly because chicken is my least favorite protein anyway). And I always make roasted potatoes with parmesan too . . . if you bake them when the lamb is in the oven as well it really enhances the flavor. Good luck! Please post when you figure out your menu! I was considering cooking my mom a Mother's Day lunch when I see her, though that won't be until the weekend following Mother's Day, and ideas are always welcome :-)

      1. roasted potatoes with mint
        glazed carrot or puree
        lemon rice
        mint pesto with bread points
        beet salad

        Happy Mother's Day!

        1. I agree with iheartothippo about a soup course, but I'd suggest pea to continue your spring celebration. Frozen petit pois work great if you can't find the new crop. A little mint in it, and a tiny pile of crab in the center if you're feeling a bit extravagant.

          This salad looks so lovely, but I can't believe you'd find watermellow this time of year. Maybe so, but if not, I think cantaloupe or honeydew could stand in.

          Something with strawberries for dessert? Maybe just chocolate-dipped whole berries stuffed with sweetened cream cheese.

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            strawberry dipped in quality balsamico/tradizionale best

          2. Potato gratin is a wonderful side dish with lamb and the best part is that it profits from making in advance and being re-heated.

            Cream of mushroom soup would be great (maybe too much if you do the gratin) this time of year with homemade chicken stock, several kinds of mushrooms, fresh & dried, and some snipped chives on top.

            This is also artichoke season and hot or cold chokes with sauce would make a great appetizer salad with lamb. TJ's has 4 medium chokes for $2.99 this week, planning to make some tonight with hollandaise sauce.

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              Speaking of 'chokes, and they are in season, is there any way of 'putting them away' for a later use? Frozen, canned?

                1. re: intrepid

                  What I mean is, it is a good time to buy them fresh. Can I buy them now at these good prices and preserve them for use when the prices are sky high?