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May 5, 2008 08:04 AM

New to me diner in Baltimore

I thought I'd post this for the rest of you out there looking for good cheap eats in the baltimore area. I went to David's on Falls Road in Hampden (near the intersection of Falls and 36th). It was really good food for next to nothing. Seriously, two people can eat a good meal for $20. Something easy for dinner when I feel lazy. THey make all their own stuff, homemade mashed potatoes and a full turkey dinner. Their meatloaf is silly. Breakfast is pretty good. Never much of a wait and it is way better than Cafe Hon or City Cafe (both of which are grossly overpriced for what you get in my book).

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  1. My experiences there are opposite of yours, but I've only gone for breakfast on weekends. Service is efficient and polite, but food sucked over all. Especially the breakfast potatoes... icky chemical taste.

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      Yeah, I prefer Mike's Place for a cheap weekend breakfast in the neighborhood. I have no idea what's in their sausage, but it's terrific -- just a huge, freeform "pattie" of ground sausage meat.

      1. re: matt8313

        I may have to try this Mike's Place. I am sick of waiting in line and paying too much for Miss Shirley's or Gertrudes for brunch.

        1. re: desi_foodgeek

          Let me hasten to warn you that in terms of ambiance, decor, and level of cuisine, Mike's Place is several notches below the two you mentioned. It's essentially a lunch counter or diner, the waitresses are authentic Hampdenites, and the menu doesn't go much beyond various combinations of eggs, meats, and starches. But if you want those things -- the sausage I mentioned, or scrapple that was crispy and terrific the last time I was there -- it's great. (And cheap. Really, really cheap.)

    2. Wow, I'd have to totally disagree with maddogg280--we breakfast there frequently and my favorite part is the potatoes. Love the healthy dose of paprika. My husband usually gets the sausage biscuits and gravy.